Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Man Secretly Loves my Cat

When Mr. Rogue and I first started dating he didn't like my cat, Seurat. I know I know I was heartbroken. It isn't like he hated the cat, he explained that he just didn't like the litter, the fur all over everything, and the late night romp through the house that would inevitably wake him up. When Mr. Rogue and I moved in together years later I tried to keep Seurat out of his way. Fast forward eight years later and Mr. Rogue has gone from indifferent sufferance to love. SHHHHHHH don't tell him but I think Mr. Rogue has finally succumbed the to awesomeness that Seurat is.



Jess said...

It was inevitable. Who can resist the head butts? The begging for love? The "you are my entire world and I live for you to pet me" full attention stare. Cute pic too :)

Jennifer Arens said...

hubs is on the way to that, a very very long way. I like when they curl up when I curl up :)

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