Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Fairy Godmother

Mrs. Fruit asked me to be the Godmother for Baby Fruit. I am over the moon of course, so super excited and then a little panicked. You see this is my first Godmother obligation and I have so much to learn. First things first I have to take a Godparent class. The problem is that I didn't find out that I needed to take this class before the end of the month until today, normally a 3 week notice wouldn't be an issue, however I am super slammed the next few days. In five days I leave for Atlanta then to Myrtle beach and I will be gone for 12 days. I come back Friday to house guests visiting for the weekend. And then just when the house guests leave for their flight I have a painting class scheduled that Mrs. Dancer got for me FOREVER ago and that expires by the end of the month. All of this just translates to me stressing out a little about finding a church that could squeeze me into a Godparent class within the next four days.

Thankfully after calling on a few churches I found a class for this Sunday that had one spot left available. I did a little bit of advanced research but I wasn't really sure what to expect. I showed up early, got a seat, chatted with the other Godparents in the class and waited for the instructor. When the instructor arrived in a tornado of papers and fantastic energy the class started. She was such an engaging speakers, I found the information super interesting and the 2 hours flew by.


I really love speakers that can communicate to a group in life scenarios. She constantly threw in little life stories or snippets of her life that reflected the topics she was talking about. My favorite was a quote:

"With great power comes great responsibility." - Spiderman

Now I hope that I can be a great Godparent to this adorable little boy.


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Jennifer Arens said...

lilman's action figure says that! you will love it and will need to purchase one for baby fruit :)

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