Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I’m Adding 'Curtain Making Diva' to my Resume

If I ever get this house completely decorated it will be a complete miracle. Right now I am so close… but its still not done. I am waiting on two more pieces of furniture which are already ordered and that will be delivered at the end of the month, I am waiting on two largish indoor trees that are on special order, I need two more pieces of art, and the never-ending curtains have to be finished. So far 9 windows are completed but I still have 8 more to do. Curtains in my house have taken top priority, which is the main reason I seem to be walking around with a hunched back all the time. Thankfully this weekend both Ms. Sweetie and Mrs. Dancer chipped in to help me finally complete the family room curtains. As each room gets finished I have such a feeling of accomplishment. I will be even more thrilled when everything is finished and I can start posting rooms for you all to see.


The curtains are going much faster now due to an updated technique I researched on the internet. Instead of making a single seam at the bottom of the curtain I am now doing a double free floating seam. That way the blackout fabric and the curtain material can hang independently, and boy oh boy did that save me a ton of tweaking. Of course not everything can go smoothy… some road blocks have to dive in my way, as in one of my main tools decides to get all completely ruined.


Now I realize that this was entirely my fault but I was just trying to get as many shortcuts implemented as possible. I have been ironing my curtains in the family room on the carpet, because currently that is the only place where they will fit completely spread out. And well generally I lay down towels between the carpet and the curtain. This time I decided to skip the towel step and just iron the material directly on the carpet. Only the iron decided to melt the carpet and get black goo all over it. Thankfully Google knows all, a little salt and a brown paper bag and all was shinny and new within 10 minutes. Mini-nervous breakdown avoided.

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Jennifer Arens said...

I can just see how you freaked out about the black gooey-ness!

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