Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hollywood Bowl: Frozen Planet

After four years of trying and failing, four years of struggle, this year I finally succeeded in obtaining an elusive season box pass at the Hollywood Bowl's Saturday Spectaculars. I know I know first world problem, this I am totally aware, but it is something we have been wanting for a while. Getting a box is so difficult for the Saturday Spectaculars because it is the most popular night at the Hollywood Bowl. Also once you are able to get an elusive box at the Hollywood Bowl it is yours to renew for life, families are allowed to pass their box to their kids or to immediate family members. This year I was tenacious, I didn't take no for an answer, I kept calling and hounding and the second I found out there was a box open I scooped it up. We now have a four seater box in a pretty good location and today was our first concert. Instead of inviting friends we decided to go solo. Neither of us have sat in a box before and we thought we would find out the lay of the land and take a moment to celebrate.

Mr. Rogue had to work during the day. Since you are allowed to bring a picnic and your own wine I spent time going to the store, making yummy healthy things to eat and making sure we had everything we needed. But when Mr. Rogue came home he didn't want to carry the cooler. To say I was more than a little annoyed would be an understatement but I wasn't going to ruin our night by arguing about it. Instead we left the cooler at home, I did have a few little things in my bag, and we grabbed Mc Donald's on the way. Sometimes some battles are better off not fought.

Once we got there we had discussed the cooler, ate Mcdonalds and he apologized. Not bad for a half an hour drive to the bowl. We both left the car happier. We found our box, we got the table set up and we settled into our super comfy captain chairs to watch the show.


Today was the worldwide premier of Frozen Planet, the third and last accompaniment to the animal planet series. George Fenton has written and produced all the music for all three DVD series, over 20 hours worth of music. I was so happy he was going to be the one leading the orchestra and describing his thought processes behind the various pieces he played. I don't know why I was so surprised that he was such an engaging speaker. I guess I just imagined a musical genius not being very comfortable standing in front of thousands of people. He was so incredibly humble and passionate about his work. Such an inspiration on the power of using a gift to be great.


During the musical sequences the Hollywood Bowl had a very large screen suspended above the orchestra showing the polar bear mother with her cub, the penguins long migration and probably my favorite sequence, the hunt of the Great Grey Owl. This is a bird that I have been wanting to see for a while and with all my recent owling I am just getting more and more impatient to find this beautiful bird. A few pair are in Yosemite, only about 5 hours away from my house. I am really going to try and get up there this fall and see if I can find the Great Grey as well as photograph the beautiful fall foliage.


As the night wore on and as we fell under the spell of the orchestra under the twinkling stars I thought that I couldn't be happier. Good music, beautiful cinematography, the night sky, my hand snuggled into Mr. Rogues I wanted to freeze that moment. I used to feel this happy all the time. I tucked away the memory, I will bring it back out next time I am sad. For now I am just happy being in love with my wonderful husband and having this night together.

OH and of course the box seats ROCKED!!!!


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