Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Good Food and Wine Soothes the Soul

I haven't seen Ms. Sweetie in a while so we made plans to have dinner. Since I have therapy on Tuesdays two minutes away from her office I offered to pick her up from work. I had four hours to kill in Torrance before I could pick up Ms. Sweetie so I planned to get my oil changed and my tires rotated. Even after I got all that done I still had another hour and a half so I swung by Starbucks. I had brought my laptop with me for this exact reason, since I am behind on the blog, I figured I could catch up a little while waiting. Besides I have never taken my laptop and to a coffee shop to write and I always wondered what all the hype was about. I got there and ordered my drink, a double chi tea latte with whipped cream, and I stalked the good seats. One of the people in a prime table laptop position with a nearby plug saw me looking around and said he would be leaving soon. I was surprised for a second about how nice that was, and realized that this might be a common pact between Starbuck laptop owners, as I saw it happen a few times through the time I was there. Finally I got settled in my seat, my laptop plugged in and a yummy drink beside me.


I think getting settled was more than a little annoying but once I was in the groove I think I liked it. There were less distractions taking me away from my computer than there was at home and I adored the energy all around me. The place hummed with life and I felt connected to people in a way that I don't feel at home. I am alone quite often when I am home, it was a nice change of pace. The only negative thing was that I didn't think to bring headphones. I know, I know newby mistake for sure. There was one person working there with a very LOUD speaking voice and dang was that conversation about what happened at her date last week so not worth my time to listen. I tried not to listen but that girls voice carried far and despite trying to concentrate I kept getting tugged into her Jerry Springer drama.

I took a few deep breaths, drank a little more caffeine yummy goodness and kept working. All in all it was fun and I think I will do it again soon.


It was time to take off and I pulled into the parking lot of my cousins office just in time. Unfortunately there was an emergency and she was running fifteen minutes late. No big deal I just pulled out my cosmetic bag to do a little touchup to my makeup. I finished touching up and was just staring at my pores, scrutinizing my eyebrows and then I checked out my teeth. You know totally being a girl. And then I gasped in shock. My front tooth had a decent sized chip at the bottom. I was so upset because on closer look not only did I have a chip but that chip had a crack halfway up my tooth. I am not normally a doom and gloom kind of girl but all I can think was that my tooth was ruined and I old need a cap. I was devastated. I love my teeth, teeth are a big thing with me and I spent years in braces and really take care of them.

Just as I was hyperventilating my cousin showed up at my car. She just happens to work at a dentist office and although she isn't a dentist she has seen her share of patients walk through the door. She said there were three options; leave it until it breaks fully on its own and then get it fixed, get a cap or get a veener. NONE of those options sounded anywhere near what I wanted, I wanted my tooth to go back to being perfect! I had to let it go, there was nothing I could do about it in that moment. I would just have to call in the morning and visit my dentist.

In the mean time we decided to go have dinner at the super yummy greek restaurant. And because we had so much to talk about we decided to get a bottle of wine and have a super slow meal. My second of the week HURRAH! We started out with a greek pita dip flight with five different choices… its my favorite.



After an hour we ordered dinner I got the Rack of Lamb with wine reduction and a cheese crumble and Ms. Sweetie ordered a Shrimp and Roasted Vegetable medley. They were both scrumciously DELICIOUS! And then because we waiting long enough sipping wine where we thought we had made enough room we ordered dessert. I got the Honey Drizzled Greek Donuts with Ice Cream and Ms. Sweetie ordered a delicious Chocolate Croissant with Chantilly Cream Sauce. Everything at this restaurant is amazing!


Good food, good wine, good company; they all contributed to making my night so much better. I almost even forgot about the agony of seeing that chip in my tooth. I had so much fun with my cousin. I am so thankful that she is here in LALA Land and can share my life.


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Nobody goes out to eat more than you do. Oooooh my goodness!

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