Monday, June 18, 2012

The Epic Adventure Continues

We took a spa day today. Ms. Ivey had never been to get a massage before and after all our running around a day of pampering sounded like a fantastic idea. We took her to Mrs. Dancer and my favorite spa, Burke Williams. We spent a good hour in the hot tubs, basking in the sauna, sweating in the steam room and I could feel the tension slide off my shoulders. Of course since I made appointments last minute none of our usual massage technicians were available. Since we needed three appointments at the same time we were left with whoever they had.

After spending time in the spa we headed to the wait room. My technician came out first to get me. A tall 6 foot plus good looking guy with nice strong hands. I was happy and Ms. Ivey was thinking, yup I would take him. After I left Mrs. Dancer’s tenchitian came to get her, a short stocky decent looking guy and Ms. Ivey was thinking, yup I would take him. And then Ms. Ivey was waiting for her technician... in stumbles scrawny little Mr. Birkenstock hippie. Yup she ended up with some weird realigning your chakra wavy arm guy. Figures! Poor Ms. Ivey, at least getting a massage by someone is better than not getting massaged at all.


After our massages I was starving. Seems like I forgot to eat lunch and since it was almost dinner we decided to eat down on the promenade. On recommendation from the guy behind the desk we opted to try Fritto Misto, an Italian restaurant within walking distance of the spa. We arrived and the restaurant wasn’t exactly full, generally this would worry me but we were a little early for the dinner rush and by this time I was too hungry to contemplate trying for a different restaurant. When we sat down we were immediately served a basket of warm yummy bread. Thank goodness it was tasty.


As we scarfed down bread we contemplated the menu, which was pretty large, and fully customizable. We ended up ordering way too much food but I was starving. We had calamari, salads, and then our entrees. I was sorely tempted to get a dessert as well but by the time I made it through half my meal I was officially stuffed. We got the rest of our meals to go and headed home. Excellent place I will need to try again.


Since it was still relatively early and since Ms. Ivey is a bird lover as well we decided to try and go to see the Western Screech Owl babies I had visited last week. It was a long 45 minute drive and when we arrived there were sadly NO baby screech owls left. I knew when I went to see them last week that they wouldn’t be around long, they were already flying, but we were bummed anyways. As a consolation prize we decided to visit a new dessert place. Another long 45 minute drive though. Thank goodness we can entertain ourselves.

Somehow we ended up talking about bacon, how delicious it is and wait... good idea... lets form a bacon club. Random I know but it all started and then it rolled and we just laughed and tried to keep up with it. So the rules of Bacon Club are as follows, and yes it is reminiscent of Fight Club, I am not sure but that may have been how this started in the first place.

Rules of Bacon
1. Do not talk about the bacon unless you can bring home the bacon
I didn’t realize I was running low on bacon one morning and I had already offered to make some for Ms. Ivey. Apparently this is breaking the number one rule.

2. Do not burn the bacon
Yeah, I got distracted with something and wasn’t paying attention to the heat. The bacon that day was a little charred on one side.

3. There can never be only one slice of bacon
Nuff said!

4. Arrive on time with the bacon
One morning Mrs. Dancer was picking up some bacon on the way over to my house. But she was running late, and we had to be out the door at a specific time. We had to come up with a plan B if she didn’t arrive soon, thankfully she showed up a minute later but it was a close call.

5. Be prepared for days without bacon
Because you cannot eat bacon every single day. Gird your loins and prepare for those days of gloom.

But the rules of our club just wasn’t enough, oh no the insanity continued into a bacon reality tv show. And of course we had to have a casting call and come up with a name for our show. And I will leave you with the names we came up with. Which left us gripping our sides with laughter, tears rolling down our faces.

- Dancing with the skillet
- America's got bacon
- As the skillet turns
- All my bacon
- Grease
- Grease monkeys
- True bacon
- Crisps
- "Bad bacon bad bacon whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do when they start to chew"
- Tales from the crisp
- Hell's skillet
- Bacon wars
- Survivor: bacon
- The three baconeers
- Teenage mutant ninja bacon
- Legally browned
- Bend it like bacon
- Saved by the bacon
- The baconator. I'll be browned.
- Bacon in the woods
- Charlie and the bacon factory
- Brokeback bacon
- James and giant bacon
- Gone with the grease

Thank goodness the madness couldn’t continue after that because we arrived at our destination. Time for some yummy dessert and who can talk about bacon when there is ice cream near. Milk is a dessert place we had heard about that served amazing ice cream desserts. In particular I was told about the macaron ice cream sandwiches. Although they had a ton of dessert options including a blue velvet cake and several ice cream choices I decided to order one of the macaron ice cream sandwiches. Once we got through the massive line that is.



Everything looked SUPER delicious. Ice cream choices galore, all home made. I thought they would have one or two choices with the macarons but they had a whole freezer full of options. Ahhhhhh the decisions!!!



There were several that caught my eye but I am a huge mint chocolate chip fan and just had to go with the Grasshopper. Oh my goodness the smile on my face, it was so delicious. Best dessert I have had in a while. I am typing this and I want to go back RIGHT THIS SECOND. The happiness in my eyes, that is priceless!


I finished first, and I ran to the restroom to wash my hands. Apparently while I was gone my two friends decided to have fun with my camera. When I downloaded the photos I found several goofy shots of them being silly. Ahhhhh funny girls, don’t worry the jokes on you, and here are your photos! AWESOME! Love my girls!




Jess said...

I think they might possibly have put crack in that mint ice cream. I can't stop dreaming about it and I've even had it since this!!!! It's funny that with all the things that we did while Ms Ivey was here I'd completely forgotten we went to Burke Williams!

Jennifer Arens said...

Its a tie for me between the awesome list o' bacon and that sinfully deliciously looking mint divine creation.....this was a great post!

paul peggy zeus said...

MMMM Grasshopper ice cream. Now I KNOW I'm hungry.

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