Monday, July 2, 2012

Date Night

I arrived home yesterday from my birding trip in time to get a nap and get ready for date night. Mr. Rogue has been terribly busy at work and we haven't really had a ton of time to reconnect. So when Mr. Rogue suggested dinner and a movie tonight I was super excited. I know dinner and a movie isn't super exciting but when you get so little time with your man he could have suggested holding hands on the couch and I would have been happy.

We ventured out to the mall at the corner of our house. The mall houses an AMC and the Westside Tavern which we wanted to try. I had heard so many good things about. Since it was early, only 5, we decided to see the movie first. I parked the car and Mr. Rogue went to go get the tickets. The problem with the AMC on the corner is that the theaters are super small. Sadly the movie was already sold out. With tickets in hand now for the 7:15 show we had two hours for dinner. Long leisurely dinners are one of my great LOVES!


I really didn't know what to expect when we got to the restaurant. The only thing I heard was that it was good. Oh My Goodness people this place is amazing. At first I was a little leery, the menu didn't have that many options and nothing was super jumping out at me. I was wondering what all the hype with this place was about. We ordered our drinks and then a hummus platter to start with but it wasn't just your plain old hummas. They drizzled the top with olive oil and then sprinkled kalementa olives, large chunks of feta cheese, roasted tomatoes and chilves over the top. It turned the hummus from something good to something incredible! After we finished with our appetizer and chatted for a while we put in our dinner order. I ended up ordering the short ribs and mashed potatoes with a chive infused sour cream sauce. Mr. Rogue got the special, grilled halibut. Both of our dinners were incredible. They were light, tasty and oh so delicious. After dinner we ordered after dinner drinks and the peach cobbler for dessert. YUMMMMM!


After we finished our dinner, even though we took our time, we still had forty five minutes until the movie started. Thank goodness it was connected in a mall. Mr. Rogue hasn't stepped foot in a mall with me in I would say five years. He really does not like to shop and since I love to shop I now just pick up things that I think he would like when I am out. If he likes it he keeps it, if not I just return it a few days later. SO to be in the mall together was a treat. I made him go shopping for new shoes :) He loves me and although he fought me a little he now loves his new shoes!


Finally it was time for the movie. Mr. Rogue wanted to see Prometheus, I didn't care what we saw as long as we were together. We grabbed some nuts, yes they had healthy options at this theater, and our drinks and headed to our theater. We were surprised at the room we entered, it was small, super small and full of couches. Mr. Rogue and I snuggled up on our little love seat. It was perfect and the movie was awesome too.


Now I have to go back and watch Alien again… and all the sequels. People have said Prometheus has gaping plot holes but since I saw the Alien movies so long ago I didn't notice.

Regardless it was a fantastic night with my man. Ahhh if only all days were just like this.


Jess said...

YAY for Man Time!!! I love those little theaters the couches are awesome! It's one of my fav ones in LA. I'm so happy that you got to see your honey before your trip! xoxo

Amy said...

Sounds like fun!

paul peggy zeus said...

You two make such an adorable couple!

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