Friday, July 13, 2012

Bug Invasion, A Three Night Stay

There is a little termite issue going on at my cousins apartment so they came to stay at our house for a few days while the bug guys tent their apartment and do what they do. The timing was not the best, I had a full weekend of plans, and I was leaving for vacation on Monday. Now I love having houseguests, but houseguests for four days the days before I leave for vacation and houseguests scheduled for three days after my vacation is a little tight. It will all work out somehow I am sure, besides there is nothing I love more than a houseful of people!

And not only just people, Ms. Sweetie and her man brought their two little furry one year old kitties as well. This was pretty much their first adventure into a new home. Since I have my own grumpy older cat we put her cats in the exercise room. That way they could feel more comfortable in a smaller space and I wouldn’t have any issues with my kitty.

Griffin, the orange kitty, got over the fear pretty quickly. He is a crazy maniac kitty who seems to hate my bright green crocs as much as my husband.


Savic, their adorable grey and black kitty, is kind of a scaredy cat (pun intended for sure). She pretty much camped out in the small space under the entertainment system and didn’t budge for days. By the last day of their short visit she did finally start coming out a little bit. She reminds me of my cat Seurat in the fact that she is super silky soft.


My bestie Mrs. Dancer came over Friday night and we all sat down to eat dinner. Ms. Sweetie had had the worst day ever. Work sucked, there were some issues with co-workers, traffic to my place doubled her commute AND she found out that her beloved grandpa passed away. We opened a delicious bottle of white wine and tried to console an inconsolable situation.


After dinner someone mentioned dessert, or ice cream, I am not really sure how it started but I am keeping a limited amount of groceries in the house since I leave in a few days for over a week. I didn’t have a dessert in the house BUT with Ms. Sweeties bad day in mind Mrs. Dancer and I knew the perfect dessert place to take her. We were off to Milk! Yup that same oh so yummy OH SO delicious macaroon ice cream sandwich place.


Ms. Sweetie and her man hadn’t ever been here before so it was going to be a real treat. Of course we got there and the line was out the door. Don’t worry the wait is totally worth it, however the girls started getting a little impatient.


When we got near the counter my favorite macaroon combination wasn’t in the freezer. Mrs. Dancer and I ADORE the grasshopper, a minty, chocolate chip cookie, dipped in chocolate perfection. I slipped up to the front and asked a worker if maybe, perhaps, if possible they had some squirreled away in the back. She came back a few minutes later saying she had a whole platter in back that were just made… SCORE!!!! We ended up taking three.


Of course Mr. Rogue was working so he couldn’t come but that did not mean that he had to forgo some yumminess too. I ordered their signature Blue Velvet Cake, a blueberry and cream cheese concoction that the commenters on Yelp rave about. He was a happy camper and in his words, it kind of tastes like blueberry pancakes.


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so envious of your freedom and mint deliciousness!

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