Friday, July 6, 2012

Blood Analysis Surprises

Two months ago I took some photos for Ms. Yoga. She loved them so much and wanted to give me a gift. She is a nutritionist, after all she said it was only fair to trade a skill for a skill, so I agreed… and I couldn't help but be intrigued, it could be interesting. In essence Ms. Yoga practices a holistic approach to health that is somewhere in-between eastern and western medicine. Western medicine specializes in fixing a specific problem. You break your ankle and we are very good at fixing that break. Eastern medicine focuses more on preventing problems before they start, they believe that if you break your ankle you have to treat the whole body. Not only the broken ankle but also the hip and the spine that have to change position to accommodate the shifting of your walk as you limp on the ankle. So when Ms. Yoga practices somewhere between fixing problems that are already there and preventing problems before they happen.

Her first set when she takes on a new client is run a blood and urine analysis. She gave me a specimen analysis kit with a special overnight fed-ex packaging. All I had to do was prick my finger and fill out some blood cards and pee in a cup. Fed-ex came to the door and picked up the package and then the waiting began.


I was a little nervous to be honest, I am not in the best health I could be in, I kept thinking that I should wait until I lose some weight or eat a little healthier or exercise consistently for six months. Ms. Yoga however thought differently. This moment, right now, is how I live my life and the test should be an indicator of my health now so I know what things I need to do to be healthier.

A month later she called and set up my appointment. My results were in. My final document was a 7 page breakdown of my results. Most indicators I was relieved I did fantastic in. The cancer markers were 0 which is awesome, my Omega fats and oils were nearly perfect and several sections I rocked. There were three major areas that needed work.


First my B12 was so low it barely registered. I found that this was strange, my prenatal after all had 100% of B12. But when Ms. Yoga actually looked at my prenatal she found that the B12 in my prenatal is in a form that my body is having a hard time processing. She is giving me a supplement B12 to take in order to try to get that number up higher.

My Second area that needed work, and it was my worst indicator, showed that my whole body is inflamed. When you injure yourself, like break a finger, your finger swells up bringing white blood cells and fluid to the area to protect the injury and to heal. A temporary inflammation is really necessary to heal. Long term inflammation, like what is going on in my body, can cause chronic problems over a long period of time. So the question is what is going on in my body that is making my white blood cells go crazy and inflammation to occur.

The third area that needed work solved the question. I got a mini allergy test done with my analysis and I got a HUGE surprise. Out of the top 30 things that people in the US are allergic to they found that I was not allergic to shellfish like I originally thought but that I am severely allergic to both milk and eggs. Severe as in +5, as in the worst it can be. Now over the past few years I have noticed mild side effects when I eat too much dairy products. I just assumed that I was becoming lactose intolerant. So although I was surprised I was allergic to milk it makes sense in a way. Eggs however I eat all the friggin time. I have never noticed a negative side effect and I am completely shocked that I am allergic to it. And then to make it all super confusing I have always had a VERY strong unpleasant reaction when I eat seafood, particularly shellfish. I was POSITIVE that I was allergic. And I don't even want to think about my mild allergy to both almonds and cashews, nuts that I adore.


So the fact that I am severely allergic to both milk and eggs, no matter the mildness of the external side effects, Ms. Yoga thinks is causing the inflammation in my body. By daily flooding my body with milk and egg products which is in a ton of food products that I eat, I am in essence causing my body to have to attack that food like a virus.

Now although most of this information is based on my blood tests the remedies are more guesses. So my goal is to work out, cut out as much milk and eggs out of my diet as possible, take the supplants Ms. Yoga wants me to take and then redo the blood and urine analysis in four months. If all my negative indicators are fixed with these lifestyle changes we have successfully stopped the negative processes that could eventually lead to negative side effects. If my negative indicators are still present that we need to try other things until they are fixed. For now I have a road map, an interesting look into the building blocks of my body, and I know what I need to do in order to give my body what it needs. The execution, especially giving up eggs and milk products, is going to be very difficult. Cheese I heart you the most.

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paul peggy zeus said...

It is weird that you could be allergic to eggs and have no side effects, unlike the dairy thing where you are already aware of it.

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