Wednesday, July 4, 2012

An Easy Fourth

Mr. Rogue is so busy with work and everything has been so crazy and since we had a large memorial day party we decided that for this forth of July we would just keep it simple. Just Mr. Rogue's brother, his wife and the kids. We got a few things to BBQ and Mr. Fruit brought over some fireworks. Simple joy of playing with the kids and chilling out with family was the perfect way to spend the day. No muss, no fuss.

Baby Fruit is now six months old and he is getting SO BIG. He is laughing and really engaging with you. Every time I see him he is looking more and more like his sister Baby Bambi. LOVE this kid.


After we ate and cleaned up I got a phone call from my Nerdy Birdy friends, seems there was a family found of little baby Saw Whet owls and they were driving up the mountain RIGHT NOW to go find them. I felt bad but I just HAD to go. I got dressed and bolted out the door (more on that adventure tomorrow).

Mr. Rogue and his brother ended up firing off a few fireworks after I left on our front driveway. They were having a great time until an uptight neighbor came out of their house and threw a fit. This is the same neighbor who leaves random notes on our cars telling us where we can and cannot park on a public street. He is basically a bully and he is starting to get very annoying. SIGH. So only after five minutes of fireworks the boys went back in the house, the whole family just watched a movie. Not exactly a rocking fourth I know.



Jess said...

Stupid idiot control freak neighbors....always hatin'.

paul peggy zeus said...

Neighbors, if we don't like ours, we just move! lol

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