Monday, July 9, 2012

A Different Grocery Shopping Experience

A few days ago I found out a pretty big shock. I am super allergic to milk and eggs. This lead me to reading a bunch of information on the internet and listening to a few suggestions from Ms. Yoga. I went to Whole Foods today to try to go grocery shopping to avoid any food with milk and eggs in it. I knew it would take me a while, products that I know and like had to be reanalyzed and the ingredients scrutinized. I think out of everything giving up cheese is going to be the hardest part of this whole process. Since I have been having mild problems with milk products for the past few years I have slowly cut back my dairy intake. Small amounts of cheese however have stayed in my diet… up until today. I think I might cry.

Other things will be hard to give up. I love hard boiled egg salad in the morning along with some nuts and a piece of fruit. It took me a while to find a balanced breakfast that really works for me, that keeps me full for a good four hours. But since eggs and now mayonnaise is now out of my diet I have to find something else. Ms. Yoga suggested protein shakes. YEAH! Ummm I am a more eat my calories than drink them kind of person, but I did read up on the benefits and Ms. Yoga seemed to think that it would be a good breakfast choice. I compromised by saying I would try a half a protein shake as well as something else that I can actually eat. So I did some research on the ingredients for a protien shake online. Some type of liquid, blended with ice, and pretty much ANY fruit or vegetable. I knew it would take some time to find out what blends that I liked the best so I bought a few liquid options. Obviously milk, which is a base for most protein shakes wasn't going to be an option for me, so I bought my first coconut water. I would try it. And then I headed to the 'other' milk section. I was a little overwhelmed at the options available, rice milk, soy milk, different nut milks, sweetened, unsweetened, semi-sweet. I just kinda picked up two; Rice milk sounded doable and I wasn't allergic to Hazelnuts so I decided to try that.


Next on my list was a protein base. This is where I totally jumped off the deep end. I literally don't know anything about protein powders other than they go in protein shakes. Thankfully this was Whole Foods and there was a wonderfully crazy protein loving woman who worked there that spent a good 10 mintues attempting to navigate me throughout he hundreds of different protein powder options that they sell.


In the end I decided to try her recommendation. A vegetarian, non-dairy, non-soy, non-gluten no sugar added natural protein mix. What I liked most was that many had little single serving packets so I could try out a few different kinds. It just so happened that when I started to turn away to put my new packets in my shopping cart another gentlemen told me that he adores this brand, he had the giant container of it in his hands. It is sure going to take me a little while before I get used to all this but you have to start somewhere and two positive endorsements made me happy.


I am still trying to wrap my head around the changes these new food allergies are going to bring to my life. Ms. Pool Shark suggested I get a second opinion from my family MD just to make sure that I am allergic to both, for two things so drastic to cut out I thought a second opinion was smart. Until then I am just going to try to cut way back and make some changes as if my allergy was fact. Of course everything isn't going to change overnight but change has to start somewhere. I left the grocery store with a ton of produce, some meat and my new 'NEW' non-dairy, non-egg options. The fridge will slowly start changing over. Wish me luck!

070912_strangeFood03A Different Grocery Shopping Experience

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Jennifer Arens said...

oh, so its just dairy basically you're allergic too then? I can work with that :)

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