Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It’s a Very Merry Un-Birthday

Ok so TECHNICALLY it isn’t my birthday today, it isn’t my mother’s birthday nor is it my father’s birthday HOWEVER since we were all together we decided to celebrate our birthdays a little early together. Mom made her OH so delicious OH so perfect strawberry shortcakes and we each got a candle to make a wish. YUMMMMMM, everyday should be a birthday!



I am doing a beach theme in my guest bathroom and since my mom & dad love the beaches my mom offered to get a bunch of shells for me. I got a whole big box of sea shells and I was super excited. This box represents a TON of work, not only did she bend down and pick up each and every single one off the beach she also came home, scrubbed them clean and dried them. We were joking that my request had given her a great workout. I bet!!! Thats a ton of squats in this box.


My parents are big into photography and take some great photos but they didn’t have a wide angle lens in their arsenal. Wide angle lenses take great photos of landscapes and are also good to use for architecture. Mr. Rogue and I gave my parents a wide angle lens and they LOVED it! I know that they will get a ton of use with this lens and I will get to see all the fantastic photos.


If only everyday was a birthday or in our case an un-birthday!


Jennifer Arens said...

What an excellent idea! Very generous gift and I look forward to seeing their fantastic pics!

paul peggy zeus said...

I already used our new lens a few times, and the difference in our photos is amazing! Thank you so much, and I'm glad you liked your seashells. Nice photo of the shells, by the way.

Jess said...

Yay for Birthday Shortcake! I do miss homemade shortcake. Yum Yum! Love the pic of you three! xoxo

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