Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Charlotte: Ms. Ivey First Day Extravaganza (Part 1)

Late last night Ms. Ivey came to pick me up from my parents RV. My parents were leaving Charlotte to travel deeper into the mountains and I decided to stay one extra day to get at least a little time with Ms. Ivey.

Its so awesome to be with someone you have known so long, who knows your likes and dislikes, who specially goes out and gets the perfect ingredients for one of your all time favorite drinks. The second we walked in the door she whipped up the most delicious looking chocolate martinis, including an oh so fantastic cookie rim. The best part, they tasted even better than they looked. She’s the bestest best friend ever!


I was excited to finally be able to see Ms. Ivey’s new house. She bought it in December of last year, only within a few months of us buying our new house, I was so happy I had someone to commiserate with. Her new house is just perfect for her. She is still working on getting her finishing stamp on the house but the bones and the space are really great! I can’t wait to see the final product. For now I am just happy to have a visual so when we start talking on the phone about paint color and where to put a painting I can now give actual feedback.


This morning we woke up super early because Ms. Ivey, knowing how much I love birds, went online and found a great place to potentially see Prothanotary Warblers. I was ecstatic, as she knew I would be, but when we woke up today at 6am the weather was not going to cooperate with our attempt to go birding. Rain, rain and more rain was forecasted. Defeated we canceled our morning plans, I wasn’t too horribly disappointed, after all it was still early, and I got to sleep for another three hours!!!!

When I woke up at a much more reasonable hour we started to get ready to go get breakfast. Ms. Ivey did her research, and she did it very well. She found the best breakfast place in all of Charlotte to take me too. After an hour of getting ready, I was dressed but annoyed. Traveling makes the most ugly creases in all my clothes. Ms. Ivey offered to go grab her iron. Her ‘iron’ was unlike any iron I had ever used before. I was super excited at the discovery of a new wrinkle releaser spray. Fantastic!


We reached Terrace Cafe which was located Uptown in an adorable little plaza with an adorable little street. In fact the few times I have visited Charlotte I have used the word adorable way too much, it’s because adorable is the perfect word to use for all of Charlotte. I love this city to pieces, and the fact that Ms. Ivey is here just makes it all the better.



We were seated right away, thank goodness, and we cracked open our menus. Each item I read sounded so super yummy that I started to drool all over the table. There were so many amazing things to choose from on the menu. I narrowed it down to four meals, four I wanted to order. I had just decided to order them all when Ms. Ivey, the voice of reason, stepped in. In the end she got me to agree to split a sweet dish and a savory dish. We picked the Filet Mignon Eggs Benedict and the Smores French Toast. Words CANNOT DESCRIBE the festival of happiness my taste buds threw in honor of this meal. Best breakfast I have ever had!!



There was a moment, after the eggs Benedict was cleaned off our plates, and midway through my half of the Smores French Toast where I didn’t think I was going to be able to finish. The amazingness was just too amazing. Oh don’t worry, I finished every single bite, I just needed a few minutes to regroup.



We left as the happiest girls in the world. Incredible breakfast behind us we decided to escape from the rain and see a movie. Because movies on rainy days make perfect days even more perfect. We saw ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ and although there wasn’t nearly enough man candy of the oh so beautiful Chris Hemsworth and there was the unfortunate ending I still really enjoyed the movie.


After the movie ended the sky was vacant of any clouds. We had two options, go home and relax for a bit OR use the cloud free sky to attempt to find some cool birds. Of course we picked the birds, Ms. Ivey was the one who originally got me hooked on birding and she is ALMOST as much of a nut as I am!

Bird post to follow!!!


Jennifer Arens said...

I'm so hungry right now! You're killing me! House is super cute!

paul peggy zeus said...

I'm so glad I can see things through your lens. Congrats on a great house, darling, Love the Wrinkle eraser, do you think it would work on my face? lol. Breakfast looked oh so tasty, tantalizing your taste buds to the max!

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