Sunday, June 3, 2012

Charlotte: Daniel Boone’s Cave

This morning we really didn’t have too much of a plan. We had breakfast, we chillaxed for a while and then we all agreed to go to the pool. After putting on our bathing suits we all headed outside to a now overcast sky. What once had been a perfectly sunny morning had turned into a gloomy cloudy afternoon. That coupled with the six kid in the pool made us change our mind about a pool day. We headed back inside and since it was ‘my day’ to pick what to do I started poking around online for something fun nearby. I ended up deciding to go to a small park showcasing Daniel Boone’s cave.

We arrived, got our camera gear and headed out on the trail. But only after going 100 feet we hurried back to the car. The mosquito’s were out in MASSES. Thank goodness mom and dad had bug spray in the car. After SOAKING ourselves with Off we headed back along the trail. Although the mosquitos were still swarming the spray helped a bunch.


Minutes after heading back on the trail I stepped down a stair and my leg gave out on me. Yesterday I woke up with what I thought was a charley horse in my calf muscle. I just wrote it off as a cramp but I should have paid closer attention. My leg was now in terrible pain however we drove an hour to get here, we bathed in Off and I wasn’t about to let a little leg pain stop me so we carried on.


The trail was pretty easy and it was only a little under a mile to the cave. The path followed the Yadkin River and we scurried off the path and onto the bank of the river for a few photos. Ewwww its muddy. Dad spotted a good find. It was a pretty nice sized snake. You never know with snakes whether they are poisonous so we all gave it a wide berth. Another hiker on the path told us it was a Copperhead Snake. I found out once I got back that North Carolina has the honor of having the most venomous snake bites of any state in the U.S. Yeah AWESOME!!!!



The further into the woods we hiked the more I hobbled. Finally we reached the cave. It is believed but never confirmed that Squire Boone (Daniels father) and Daniel Boone used the cave to live while hiding from Indians. The cave is also known as Devil’s Den. Mom and dad ventured inside and I decided to just experience it where I was. With my luck I would get stung by a venomous spider or something.



After the cave the only other thing we really wanted to see was the 15 foot circumference cottonwood tree. We hiked along the path back the way we had come and started on the Cottonwood tree path. By this time my leg was really throbbing and the deeper we went along the Cottonwood tree path the more numerous the mosquitos became. At one point we questioned if we should go on but none of us are quitters and we really wanted to see the tree so we marshalled on. After another five minutes of getting bit a billion times a group of teens were seen running toward us, they said that the mosquito’s got worse the further you traveled and that the path was covered in mud. We aren’t quitters but we aren’t stupid either, we turned tail and jogged out.


By the time we got home I could barely walk. Once my leg cooled down it was excruciating to try and stand. I was worried that I may have torn my Achilles tendon or ripped a muscle. It hurt so bad I considered the emergency room; instead I decided to take anti-inflammatory medicine, to ice the leg and to see how I felt in the morning. Covered in mosquito bites, icing my leg and covered with a blanket to ward off the FREZZING cold RV I wasn’t exactly a happy camper.


The day at the pool would have been a MUCH better way to spend the day. Hindsight it gets me every, single, time!


paul peggy zeus said...

Aw come on, we had fun, despite your injury. And you did get to see a cool butterfly, and Boone's Cave. You can't do that in California! lol.

Jennifer Arens said...

Well at least the greenery was gorgeous! Your pants look like they are too big on you. Yay weight loss!

wink windsor said...

I don't believe that is a Copperhead snake. Looks more like some type of non-poisonous water snake. Hog snake maybe. Big snake though!

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