Saturday, June 9, 2012

Baby Brain: Myself in 30 Years

Whenever I get on a plane I am always a little anxious. I have a large camera bag that I use to carryon all my equipment and I cannot check it below if there isn’t any overhead space. Today I played the lame leg card. My leg did hurt after all and I was limping, so I boarded early with the ‘people needing extra time to board’ people. One the anxiety of the bag is over and it is safely tucked away above me I being the hopeful prayers that either the middle seat will be empty OR there will be a smaller person for the middle seat. There is nothing worse than being jammed in like sardines for five hours.

The first leg, an hour and a half flight to Detroit, went pretty smoothly. I got space for my bag in the overhead bin, I got excited with the fact that there wasn’t anyone in the middle seat and I got excited with the photos I managed to whip through. The second leg I also got bag space above but the plane was packed. I knew not to wish for an empty middle seat; instead I hoped not to have a 300 pound man in the middle. I was rewarded with a petite 60 some old woman. It ended up that during boarding my battery on my laptop died which was sad... obviously no more photo editing for me. And the woman who sat next to me had to check her carryon as there was no more room in the overhead bin.

So we both were left without the laptops we had planned to work on, which led to an opening to converse, which led to a five hour plane ride intimate conversation with a complete stranger. I love when I meet someone who I instantly connect too. We had so many things in common it was uncanny. She was an early retired lawyer who left her big wig job to have kids, she had issues getting pregnant and funny enough ended up on Clomoid, the drug I am going to try this month for the first time. She ended up with three kids, all healthy, all while taking Clomoid. She shared the woes I am having of trying to get pregnant. She encouraged me that I would get there. She was so sincere and talking from experience, she had been there, she had dealt with the same problem, and she had come out on the other side with her happily ever after.

She was cool, she was where I hopefully picture myself 30 years from now. Busy with a house full of kids, a loving husband and on her way home from a trip to visit her best high school girlfriend. It gave me so much hope that this Clomoid would be the answer to my prayers.


Jennifer Arens said...

I have heard SO many great things about Clomoid! The art of conversation is the most beautiful thing, besides nature, photos, and exercise lol

paul peggy zeus said...

Nice to have met someone who experienced the same things and had positive results from this medication.

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