Friday, April 27, 2012

What I was Thinking: The Viewpoint of Age

I was driving through my neighborhood, thankfully paying close attention, because this seven-ish year old kid on a bike came out of NO WHERE. I slammed on my breaks and jerked the wheel left, the tires squealed, my heart rate accelerated, the kid dodged right and I gasped at the near miss. All in a series of a moment my whole body went into seized in panic. And the kid on the bike, he just kept peddling, he threw a little smile over his shoulder maybe in apology but that was it. Obviously he wasn’t as traumatized by the fact that he was ALMOST under my car as I was. As the adrenaline in my body started to dissipate I just shook my head. The young are never careful enough; I shook my head thinking kids should be more careful. It made me feel old.

I arrived at therapy and got into the elevator for my trip up to the fifth floor. I held the elevator doors for a woman in her late sixtys. She gave me a compliment on my new fabulous shoes and then she lamented that she cannot wear heels anymore.

“If I could wear them I would have to steal yours” she says.

And then she reached out, patted me on the arm, and told me to enjoy those shoes while I am young. You know what, it made me FEEL young.

So here I am, in the space of an hour chewing over the idea of being stuck between feeling old and feeling young; contemplating the viewpoint of age riding up an elevator.


paul peggy zeus said...

You are so right about kids living like they're invincible. It probably lasts until your mid 30's or so, then you start to get a little wiser, especially when you've witness the loss of friends your own age. As far as the granny lady goes, what a super nice compliment!

Jennifer Arens said...

Kids just focus on themselves for the most part :) Its the oldies that are awesome, although can be rude lol I love how everyone here is extremely nice to all kids!

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