Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Skinny

So I started P90x two weeks ago and I haven’t been able to stick on the exact schedule. As in I am completely screwing this up you guys. Technically you are supposed to stick to the schedule, one video a day and for the first few weeks you are just supposed to do what you can. These videos are hard and they tell you in the pamphlet that it is ok if you can't keep up. I however have a problem. In the videos the main instructor is an instigator, a tormentor... think Loki. He keeps telling me to ‘BRING IT’ and well I like to win, and I dont like instigators, and well I know I SHOULD only do what I think I can but instead I get angry and try to keep up with the people in the video. Yea, I am neither as fit or as in shape as those people, I can keep up and do the workout but by the end of the hour I am out of breath, red faced and a whole new level of EXHAUSTED. Then I have the fun of the next three days. Seriously I am so sore that I cannot move any of the muscles I worked out. So instead of doing a P90x workout every day I am doing one every other day or every three days, or maybe I should just keep trying when I can.

I know I know maybe I should just pull it back a little so I don't CRUSH myself into muscle misery for three days and I totally would you guys if I could just get that tormenting instructor to stop pushing my buttons. Maybe I should do the workout on mute.

This week that plan went awry. Granted I did do a P90x workout Monday but then I of course I was too sore to try for Tuesday and then Wednesday I left on my little mini desert bird adventure. Only one P90x workout wasn’t what I wanted to do this week I was hoping for at least two and even preferably three; but it is what it is. Thankfully at least my little trip included a ton of hiking. As a side note, the super fantastic hiking boots that Mr. Rogue and I purchased for ourselves three years ago are getting a TON of use. Best purchase I ever made!


I was so sore from the hiking and the carrying of all the camera gear that I made excuses, and yes they were lame excuses, both Saturday and Sunday. I am so super frustrated with myself that I didn’t even get on the elliptical ONCE this whole week. A half hour isn't asking much, I expect more from myself. Not a fantastic week workout wise but at least I am doing pretty good with my eating this week. Next week I will just have to try harder.


Maybe next week I will be brave and take out the scale.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Hey, give yourself a break here, if you're out hiking, lugging that bazooka around with you, that should count for something, don't you think?

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