Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Skinny

So I started P90x and it is HARD. Hard, hard, harder than hard. I am doing it but this program is NOT easy. This week as well as making sure I got on the elliptical every day I did some P90x. Wednesday I did an ‘Arms and Back’ workout and then I couldn’t move my arms for three days. Not to be deterred I tried another workout, a ‘Plyometrics’ workout, which is jump and squat training. And then I couldn’t move my legs for three days without extreme pain. I still got on my elliptical but it was NOT EASY.

My problem is a reoccurring theme in my life. If I do something I do it 110%. I MUST LEARN MODERATION. Especially with a workout routine like this where I am very obviously not as in shape as the people in the video I need to not TRY to do everything they do.

I am going to keep trying and eventually these will start getting a little easier. Until then I am just going to keep going even if it is only a few sets of P90x a week.

In better news I got on the elliptical five days this week and did a long 5.5 mile hike with my husband. Sunday I simply needed a day to rest my legs. I was proud with my six days of exercise, especially since I had Baby Fruit all week.


I still have my scale put away. I was super tempted to take it out today but I think I really need to step away from the scale and work on trying to create a positive healthy lifestyle. Whenever I base my success too much on that scale number I find myself getting anxious, nervous, deflated when the number is not what I want it to be. I am hoping to take it out in a month and have a good weight loss number.


Jess said...

Woman you need to invest in a decent recovery drink. You won't be so sore the next day after p90x. I promise it makes a HUGE different.

paul peggy zeus said...

Good idea to put the scale away and concentrate on the important issues, namely YOU! Success will follow, and you can look forward to the clothes literally falling off your body!

Jennifer Arens said...

While I have a goal weight, I am a hard core believer in if your clothes fit, then you're making progress. Way to go on all that exercise woman!

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