Friday, May 25, 2012

Rambo Burn

I went over to see the Rambo's today. We were just planning on some simple R&R in the backyard by the pool. Since I was coming over at lunch I swung by Subway and picked up lunch. Lunch was good but the cookie was the real crowd pleaser! Baby Blue was FRIGGING ADORABLE with that cookie. She is such a gorgeous sweet little girl - love those eyes and those cherry red lips!



After lunch we headed out to the backyard. I am outside often when I go hiking and birding so my arms, face and chest are slightly tan. I wear long pants to protect my legs when hiking, I was going to use this opportunity to hopefully get a little bit of sun on my super pale and pasty white legs. They are so pale they match my cream shirt!


After a while it was getting pretty hot, Baby Blue had been playing in he pool already, it was time for us to take a dip as well… well at least our toes got to have a dip. I might have to get a mini pool for Mr. Rogue and I. That thing is the best idea ever!


After a while even the pool couldn't keep us cool. That is when Mrs. Rambo broke out the popsicles. I cannot TELL you how long it has been since I have had one. Baby Blue was so cute, she does a "cheers" with her popsicle.


Mrs. Rambo and I had such a great time gabbing and hanging out. I get such a kick out of spending time with Baby Blue too. She is getting so big and independent. Mrs. Rambo is pregnant right now and I adored how sweet Baby Blue was with her little baby doll. She is going to be such a good big sister and the kids are going to be close in age.


We were having such a great time that I really wasn't paying attention too was how much time was passing. It wasn't that I had another appointment or anything the only problem was the sun. Since my pasty white legs haven't seen the sun since last summer they got a little too much sun. By the time I noticed my legs were getting red it was too late. I immediately jumped in the shade and put on sunscreen.


By the time I got home my sunburn on my legs got worse and worse. By morning the next day I could barely walk. BAD BAD BAD me. I know better. The only positive side of it was that only the front was burned. I am not going to ever get this evened out - that is gonna look awesome the rest of the summer.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Aw, ms Baby Blue is getting so big. I adore her blue eyes! She belongs in a baby magazine. TOO CUTE. Sad you burned your legs. . . Yeah, that's gonna hurt.

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