Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Perfection Takes so Much Time

I have been working, since we moved into the new house, to make this place our own. I am dealing with a few very frustrating time consuming hurdles; AKA why I still haven’t posted any real photos of the house on the blog yet. For one this house is almost three times the square footage as our last house. When we moved in the house felt COMPLETELY empty. We need furniture we need paintings and art for the walls, we need shelves and knickknacks but I was determined not to make the house look hodge podged. If we were going to buy a bunch of things I didn’t want to just run to Ikea and fill our house just to fill it. I wanted quality nice pieces that we can have for a very very long time, and if I am going to be spending money on quality then I also want to make sure I love it AND that it is perfect.

Perfection takes so much time!!!

It has now been seven months and I am getting so close to being done. Half the curtains are sewn and annoyingly the rooms where the curtains are done are the most undecorated. Of course the rooms that I have focused on the furniture the most are the rooms that I haven’t finished the curtains yet. SIGH.

Interior decorating is difficult in the beginning. Usually a cohesive look is hard to get. I started with some ideas but when MANY things you see could potentially work with many other potential pieces it makes deciding difficult. On the flip side the end of interior decorating is difficult for the exact opposite reason. Now that I have most of the furniture purchased I only need a few pretty specific pieces with some pretty strict style, size and look requirements.

Today I had an afternoon free and I decided to see if I would have any luck at Helm’s Bakery’s HD Buttercup.




HD Buttercup, introduced to me by the fabulous Mrs. Dancer, is my all time favorite super fun, super trendy design store. You know when you walk in somewhere and you could imagine everything at your house. Like if you had an infinite amount of money this is what your home would be filled with. Yea these people are my people. I wonder if they would mind if I just moved in.




I had the last three pieces of furniture I needed. I was desperately hoping to find one of the pieces here... imagine my glee in finding all three!!!

I know you have been so patient, and hopefully all that waiting will be worth it. I am really excited to get this house FINISHED so I can show you all the fabulousness!


Jennifer Arens said...

I love furniture shopping! I'd love to actually BUY the furniture but for now, we're happy with our child-proofed house haha

paul peggy zeus said...

You will find all the exact right pieces, it does take time.

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