Friday, May 18, 2012

Nerdy Birdy: Reference Material

I have learned so much in the past four years I have been birding. There is so much to take in at times I feel like I will never be able to identify birds as well as others I meet. But you know what they say... Rome wasn’t built in a day. I really enjoy blogging about the birds, animals and wildlife that I find but it takes a ton of time and energy to sort through photos, edit photos, research the material I want to talk about and then to actually write the posts. I have several books that I turn to AGAIN and AGAIN to verify or identify animals and birds. Sure it may seem like too much, I do after all have three bird books, but one book will show the bird really well in flight, while another may show the best defining characteristic of an immature bird. There is no such thing as too many books in this house. What I cannot find in one I will find in another. Two of these books my mother in law gave me a few years ago and it may just go down in history as the most used gift ever. Thanks again Mrs. Faith for the fantastic gift!



Jennifer Arens said...

I find it ironic that the word 'bookworm' is coming to mind :)

paul peggy zeus said...

Great gift, Mrs. Faith.

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