Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mr. Rogue Turns 35

About two weeks ago I started asking Mr. Rogue what he wanted to do for his birthday. His answer, which took a week to give, was to do to dinner at a nice restaurant. “Cut” by Wolfgang Puck has been on our radar for a while and his birthday was the perfect excuse to go. The Fruit’s and the Dancer’s joined us for a nice small get together.


We got a fantastic table right across the window and got settled in to dive into some fantastic food. The menu choices all sounded super yummy and we had a hard time just choosing a few things. We ordered a fantastic bottle of wine and the Beef Carpaccio to start with.



The bottle of wine Mrs. Dancer picked out was incredible. Probably my favorite red I have had this year. The server brought over the choices for steak tonight. He showed us the various options and then he brought out the Kobe steaks. OOOOO we were all hooked!


Dinner was the best steak any of us had ever had. Food fun, friends and then afterwards of course DESSERT!


It was one of those great two hour dinners. Happy Birthday Mr. Rogue we all adore you!


Even the moon wanted to celebrate our celebration! Biggest moon of the whole year shining down on us.



Jennifer Arens said...

An excellent way to ring in a wonderful birthday celebration!

paul peggy zeus said...

The food looks incredible! Happy birthday, big guy! 35!! Wowee!

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