Thursday, May 17, 2012

Construction Deja Vu

Lots of house stuff going on, and no it all just isnt me being so amazingly proactive. In fact for a while there, the past three months, I have been ignoring all the things that need to get done. That is I was ignoring it until Mr. Rogue decided to light a big ole fire under my butt.

Seems like my lazing around days of ignoring work bliss is over. Mr. Rogue rarely puts his foot down, and his foot was all over me getting this house finished. So with him pushing and with a Memorial Day party coming up I have been working hard at trying to get everything in the house buttoned up and finished.

Enter rent-a-husband, my oh so helpful handy guy. Today he came over with two other workers to do about three days of work. The biggest project was to wire the surround sound in the family room, a project that included cutting holes, wiring, patching, painting. Or in other words making a huge gigantic mess.


So I have to get up early to let the workers in, there is a ton of power tool noise and people running around my home, dust is everywhere and I am in general annoyed. I am sure after the three days of work, and after I get all the dust cleaned up I will be very happy but in the mean time I am having some strong negative emotional reactions to all this. We went through a terrible construction nightmare with our last home and this little three day project gave me enough déjà vu to make me feel nautilus.


I need a drink!


Jennifer Arens said...

I can already tell its going to be amazing! You do have the greatest taste!

paul peggy zeus said...

I'm so glad your man knows how to "Light Your Fire". lol. Great song by the Door, btw. No go crack open that bottle of Vino!

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