Saturday, April 28, 2012

BBBS 54: Cabin in the Woods


I picked up My little and her twin so we could go hang out at the mall, maybe grab a bite to eat and see a movie. The movie they wanted to see ‘Cabin in the Woods’ a rated R movie that mom said it was ok they watch. Now I am not really into horror films but they REALLY wanted to see it. I just can’t say no to her... she’s got me wrapped around her little finger. Besides, I thought, it couldn’t be worse than ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ which she made me see two years ago.


We arrived and grabbed popcorn, salted pretzels and Icee’s and then we snuggled down into our seats to watch the movie. It was TOTALLY not what I was expecting. I was thinking something along the lines of ‘Scream’, some teen version of stupidity and horror. What we ended up with is a little bit of teen version of stupidity and horror with a heavy mix of a creative plot and pretty great acting. The previews of this movie kept the concept a very quiet secret and not expecting anything amazing I walked in without a clue how fantastic this movie ended up being.


After the movie I wanted to see if we could find a ‘Cabin in the Woods’ movie poster. I like to get a photo of the girls by the posters we see. Eventually I was thinking of making a book of all the photos of our adventures when she graduates high school. Anyways we looked through the left side of the theater and no poster so then I suggested we look on the right side of the theater. This is when Ms. Little starts chanting “I hope we don’t find one” and then when there wasn’t a poster she cheered in triumph. They really aren’t into getting their photos taken, although they do humor me and let me take photos. KIDS! So bummed they didn’t have the poster we went to leave.


We took the escalator to the lobby and then THERE in the lobby right by the registers I found the poster. I was so excited and then had to laugh. Ms. Little and her sister didn’t want to stand in front of the poster and get their photo taken in front of all those people in line. I told her that she is the one that chanted to the universe not to have a poster upstairs in one of the quieter hallways. Karma is a tricky thing.


After the movie we were hungry for lunch so we went to the food court and picked up some Panda Express bowls. We had so much fun giggling and chatting about school and boys. Laughter is a constant when we are all together. These girls crack me up!


And yes we are talking boys now. Ms. Little is now 13 and she has her very first little boyfriend. She is super happy and everything is my boyfriend this and my boyfriend that. Ahhhh young love!


Of course they get sick of me taking the photos of them all the time so of course to be fair I handed them my camera. My favorite photo actually was when they asked me to make a funny face. Oh yea I am BEAUTIFUL!


All in all it was a fantastic fun day. The girls are getting SO BIG it’s amazing how fast kids grow. Just yesterday they were 10! Soon they will be going to prom, graduating, hopefully if I have anything to say about it they will be going to college!


And yes Ms. Little I believe your fortune is correct. The future looks beautiful girls just beautiful!



paul peggy zeus said...

She truly is blossoming into a beautiful young lady! I can't believe she has a boyfriend already!

Jennifer Arens said...

She is absolutely beautiful :) I LOL @ "hope there isn't a poster" I sometimes worry that I put up a wall of all the things I want to photography, but I do so much and I want to remember it. THey will too :)

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