Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby Brain: House Arrest

I didn’t want to be running around all over the place with Baby Fruit, you never know when these baby ticking time bombs will go off, so I decided to invite people over. Mrs. Dancer, Mr. Dancer and Ms. Tiny came over. I made dinner and they brought a delicious bottle of wine. Of course the second they walked in the house it was drive by hug for me and a beeline straight to the baby. They held the baby, they fed the baby and then when it came time to change the baby I got him back. LOL!




Mr. & Mrs. Dancer are going to start trying to have kids soon. Mr. Dancer is the most READY guy to be a dad that I think I have ever met. That guy just loves loves loves anything to do with babies and kids. You are used to seeing women go ga-ga over babies but its super nice to see a guy get so excited.





After a sufficient amount of time wearing the baby out he finally passed out. Dinner then was served and we broke open our bottle of wine to cheers. Good friends, cute baby, yummy food, and fantastic wine!






Jennifer Arens said...

Oh I love living vicariously through you :) I'm having a night where I don't want Jacob to get any bigger because he grows an inch every night it seems. I hate it!

paul peggy zeus said...

I love that Mr. Dancer wants to be a daddy. I think he'll make a terrific one!

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