Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baby Brain: The Food Court

Today, my third day with Baby Fruit, I decided to try and brave the big bad world with my rent-a-baby. We got ready, which took a ton longer that I had originally thought, we got him dressed and changed just in time for Mrs. Rambo to arrive. We took her little girl Ms. Blue and my little nephew Baby Fruit to the mall.



The mall, three blocks from my house, has a food court with a food jungle gym in it. It is the perfect place for Mrs. Rambo and I to get together. Baby Blue can run around with all the other kids and play while Mrs. Rambo and I hang out. Of course there are frequent breaks and pauses in the conversation to help either of the babies but we managed quite well.


After play time we grabbed something to eat at the oh so not healthy sodium filled deliciousness of Panda Express. YUMMMM!


It was totally UNFUN to lug that kid around and the heavy car carrier, it also made me quite thirsty so without even thinking about it I ordered a large soda. Oh MY Good Golly Crap.... that drink was as big as my head. I am gonna be WIRED on caffeine today!



After lunch, where Baby Fruit slept through it all, we took Baby Blue back to the play area for a little more fun. We stayed until Baby Blue’s almost breaking point then it was time to leave.


Of course we were at the mall and I couldn’t help myself. On the way out we swung into Crazy 8 and I got the cutest outfit ever for Baby Fruit. I figured since I was going to be doing a photo shoot the next day my model needed a cute little outfit. SIGH I am going to be in so much trouble when I have a kid, those clothes are adorable.


It was a fantastic day. I felt for a moment part of the baby club. Now I need to go take some Advil for my arm... that car seat was HEAVY! I don’t know how you moms do it.


Jennifer Arens said...

Crazy 8 is THE BEST STORE! I miss having a mall with indoor climbing things!

Jennifer Arens said...

also, why didn't you have a stroller?

paul peggy zeus said...

Lugging a baby around is HARD work for sure! I'm glad the stores have added these wonderful play areas. They didn't have much of them when you kids were little, except at Lakeside Mall.

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