Monday, April 23, 2012

Baby Brain: Baby Fruit Comes to Stay

I was super excited. My sister-in-law has family visiting from the Philippines and she was taking them to see a cousin in San Francisco. Since it is difficult to travel with children I asked her if I could watch Zack. SCORE five days of baby time!


Mr. Fruit had to work and after I took care of the baby all day he would handle the baby at night. Since Baby Fruit is the perfect baby he sleeps a good solid 6 hours at night.


And during the day I got to wallow in baby smiles and baby happiness. Baby Fruit is three months old now and getting to be such a big boy. Seriously the easiest baby I have ever watched. He is super mellow.


I created a baby changing station downstairs right on the kitchen table and then another one upstairs in one of the bathrooms. Diapers and bottles filled my house. It was such a beautiful thing. Can’t wait to join the club.



Jennifer Arens said...

He sure is growing and beautiful!

paul peggy zeus said...

You are getting so much practice, they say practice makes perfect, and I know you'll be a perfect mom when the time is right.

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