Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby Brain: Another One Bites the Dust

I swear I literally know 12 people that are pregnant right this minute. That is a ton of baby action and it is SO HARD. I cannot shut myself off from everyone who has kids, who is pregnant or who is trying to have kids. If I did that no one would be left and it really isn’t going to solve my problem of not getting pregnant myself. I just have to keep faith, my time will come, until then I am going to keep trying to embrace my good friends who are pregnant.


Mrs. Rambo I am so happy for you! Way to be my wing-woman and always trying to keep me positive.


Inzodda said...

Yes KEEP THE FAITH, your time will come. I have faith it will, and I am hoping really soon!! Until then, you are so lucky to get so much baby practice!! It will really help when your time comes. I love you!

paul peggy zeus said...

God says all things worth having are worth waiting for, and YOU will be a fantastic mommy!

Jennifer Arens said...

Babies are so wonderful and I look forward to wishing you a happy mother's day! I would love to have another regardless what people think :)

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