Saturday, May 12, 2012

Baby & Big Girl Scissors

As a special treat to the Fruits and since I adore my niece and nephew I offered to watch the kids so they could do a dinner and a movie. Baby Fruit, always good, the best baby ever was a total sweetheart as usual. Love this little guy but he is getting so big so fast!


Normally I just watch Baby Fruit OR Ms. Bambi. This time I had both and it was a ton harder than just one. Ms. Bambi is at the age where she can do a bunch of things herself. She is a ball of crazy fun energy and she is so smart. We had a dance session where we both showed off our dance moves. She was too adorable!!


She is always super excited to come to my house because her Tita (that’s me) has a bunch of fun toys for her to play with. The princesses are by far her favorite. She was super upset originally when we couldn’t find them. But then she uncovered them in the bottom of the wrong box. Of course we were missing Jasmine, and you would have thought there was a world war going on that child was so upset. I started by saying that I didn’t know where Jasmine was but that only made Ms. Bambi more distraught. I got around it by saying that Jasmine wasn’t feeling well and she was at the doctor. I let her know that hopefully next time Ms. Bambi comes over she could play with Jasmine... now I just have to find that sneaky princess.


Once I ran out of things to entertain Ms. Bambi with we took out her FAVORITE THING EVER, a pair of cheap kids scissors. I cannot tell you how many hours these scissors have bought me. They have paid for themselves over and over again. We like to draw animals together and then Ms. Bambi likes to cut them out. She just loves that she is a big girl enough to use big girl scissors! Ahhh kids... it’s the simple pleasures they love!




Jennifer Arens said...

Learning to cut is the HARDEST thing to teach a kid to do. There are countless times when I find scraps everywhere when I told him to cut on the lines! Yes two kids is definitely 2x the work!

paul peggy zeus said...

These two children have the most beautiful brown eyes. I love all the pictures of them.

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