Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Skinny: The Power of Consistency

I’ve always believed in the power of doing something every single day. If you really want to create a habit you cannot take breaks, or short cuts. Consistency is the key to any goal. There is something about the momentum of taking tiny steps every single day that gets to a goal with more certainty than attempting big steps with less frequency. In the beginning any habit you try to create is hard but the longer you do it the more it gets ingrained in your life. I made a conscious effort and a goal to blog every day for five years and I do consistently write, it is now to a point where I miss a day of writing that it feels strange. When I first got my SLR camera I made it a habit to photography every day, it made me learn the equipment, it made me a better photographer.

Now I am trying to create a habit with exercise and although I am proud that I made it through Ms. Pool Shark and my 30 day challenge I am worried because I haven’t worked out in 11 days now. I am hoping when this flu, or whatever plague I have managed to catch, is over I can get right back to consistently working out.


paul peggy zeus said...

Consistency is the key!

Jennifer Arens said...

You can conquer anything my dear!

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