Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Skill Swap

Ms. Yoga wanted some photos taken of her, of course I LOVE LOVE LOVE me a willing model. I am happy just taking the photos, I think it’s fun, and Ms. Yoga is such a gorgeous woman it makes my job really easy. We had SUCH a great time taking her photos. Once she warmed up we took photos for hours and even tried some new techniques that I hadn’t used before. Her final photos were fantastic.


Since I had taken photos of her she insisted on doing something for me. In the end we compromised and traded my skill with photography with her skill as a nutritionist. In the next few weeks she is going to help me continue to modify my diet to something that works best for me. She is also going to do a full diagnosis and test me for balanced nutrients and pre-test me for susceptibility to certain diseases and cancers; which all sounds pretty cool to me.

She also offered to give me a fertility acupuncture treatment.... yeah I’m not quite ready for that... I will have to think about it. I am not sure how I feel about being a human pincushion.

Anyways I am excited to see what things and changes Ms. Yoga brings to my life.


paul peggy zeus said...

What a beautiful lady! I wish we were all still in that bartering thing that used to work so well 100 years ago.

Jennifer Arens said...

Seriously, her skin is amazing(unless its photoshopped beyond belief) Still I really like that photo of her :) I love trading things for things too!

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