Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our 30 Day Challenge Gave Birth

This morning was a busy mess. Not only did we have to make it out of the door by 7am in order to get to the airport in time for our flight to Chicago, not only did I have to shower and get dressed and not forget the million and one little things you have to do before leaving for a week, I also had to work in an extra half hour to exercise. Yup that’s right, this morning is the last day of Ms. Pool Shark and my 30 day elliptical challenge and I was NOT going to lose. I wiggled my time in and whisked off my text to her! Successes and OH IT FEELS GOOD.


What started out as a simple challenge became something so much more. Ms. Pool Shark and I have become competitors and allies in fighting our weight. This week proved how competitive we can get. If you look at the above chart on day 26 I did two hours and Ms. Pool Shark did a WHOPPING four hours. So then on day 27 I had to one up her with four and a half hours. WE very clearly have issues. However my point isn’t our combined neurosis, in fact my point is that we push each other, and the even greater point is that we challenge each other.

Case in "triple point", a few days before I was talking about how the end of our exercise challenge neatly coincided with my departure for Chicago and how I was going to relish not exercising and eating a ton of yummy food. For those of you shaking your heads don’t worry Ms. Pool Shark smacked me upside the head. She very correctly stated that we weren’t going to get anywhere unless we make these changes matter at home and WHILE WE ARE PLAYING IN DISTANT LANDS - including my trip to Chicago. And although I dont like to admit it often (because Ms. Pool Shark already has a big head) she is absolutely right. So this whole conversation finally led us to talking about extending our little challenge three months, six months, maybe even a year. For now we agreed to six months, and I agreed to attempt to fit in exercise and smart eating where I could in Chicago.

Exercising on vacation... that will be a first for me.

In other news Ms. Ivey and Mrs. Dancer may both join our little exercise challenge. Yea to more players entering the arena! GAME ON and may every woman win!!!!!

And two more things. One I bought myself some pretty new exercising clothes as a reward for getting through the first 30 days. Pretty clothes make me feel happy and I adore these.


And lastly I decided to keep a spreadsheet of the distance that I am going and the time I am ellipticalling. And I was SHOCKED... SHOCKED at how much I did. Now I cannot wait to see how far I go after six months! GO ME!

total distance 89.53 miles
total calories 16,590
total time 34 hours and 42 minutes


Kim said...

Wow! That's dedication--good for you!

Jess said...

Woohooooo!!!!! You kick the elliptical machines A$$! Take'em to the cleaner! YAY for truly going the distance! So proud of you gals for sticking through it. Not that I had any doubts knowing how hard headed you both are! xoxo

Kim & Chris said...

Hey, time to join me in my marathoning challenge!

Jennifer Arens said...

That is incredible! Now that I have a house, I can justify buying exercise equipment.....however, lilman keeps me on my toes!

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