Friday, April 6, 2012

Nerdy Birdy: Birds of Chicago

I often go on specific trips just to see the wildlife and birds. This trip to Chicago of course was not one of them. I always have a little kernel of fear when I go walking outside without my large wildlife lens because inevitably I will see something that I need it for. Over the course of the few days I was in Chicago we did a ton of walking and although I didn’t go looking for the birds I did see quite a few. Of course because I didn’t have my large wildlife lens the photos super suck but that isnt the point. The point is that I saw them, I got a photo of them, and I did what I could with the equipment I had with me.

Some birds are common city birds like the Northern Cardnal. A bird that I don’t get to see in LALA land but one that was ALL over the place in Chicago.


Or the very common, ever present (if you are by water) Ring Billed Gull.


I did see several sets of Red Breasted Mergansers out on the lake and even though they were far out I snapped a few photos.


And then surprisingly I found two NEW birds to cross off my Nerdy Birdy list. The first is the ever allusive Brown Creeper. I found him quite by accident. I was standing near a tree at the outdoor zoo waiting for the rest of my party to catch up and I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. My jaw literally dropped when I found the bird and then figured out what it was. I couldn’t move my camera fast enough. He only stayed for a moment, only enough for me to get three shots before he took off into the forest beyond the park. This bird is silent and super hard to find. I was ecstatic that I was so close to him that I got a quazi good shot!


The other new bird I found was making a racket. I wasn’t sure what he was but he sounded different. I took a few photos of him so I could look up who he was later. Imagine my surprise to find out that he was a Golden Crowned Kinglet. Although I didn’t get good shots of him by any means I did manage to get a shot good enough to identify what the bird was. Hurrah ANOTHER new bird for me!



paul peggy zeus said...

Yes, it takes a good camera AND a fantastic lens to get those amazing shots we are so accustomed to seeing from you.

Jennifer Arens said...

that northern cardinal looked HUGE!

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