Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Rocking Saturday Night

On Thursday (My last day in Chicago):
It was my last day in Chicago I woke up not feeling so well. By the time I checked in at the airport things were getting worse. I wandered around the airport. I ate a little something but I wasn’t that hungry. I picked up a book and I decided last minute to snag some cough drops you know just in case my feeling of ickyness got worse. Over the course of the day my throat had started to feel a little scratchy, then I started lightly coughing, and my general feeling of tiredness just got worse and worse. By the time I boarded the plane three hours later I knew I was coming down with something. By the time I made it through half of my six hour flight I knew I was coming down with something VERY VERY BAD. I kept getting a fever and then freezing cold chills. There was nothing I could do 10,000 feet in the air except grit and bear it. I was exhausted. I couldn’t sleep because my nose wasn’t working. I was never happier when I walked into my house. Even though I was exhausted I took a shower and then I crawled into my nice big bed to wait out the storm of whatever evil bug I had picked up in Chicago.

Thursday Late Night:
My husband came home from work to find me a snotty coughing mess. He dug out the Nyquil and woke me up to take some. It was so not the homecoming I had imagined in my head.

On Friday:
I woke up with a full fledged something. A cross between the flu and the plague. I ached all over and diligently took my Nyquil so I didn’t have to think about or feel anything.

On Saturday:
It is now Saturday and I am sicker than sick sick sick. This seems to be a new reoccurring theme, one which I am not happy with. I jolly off to somewhere fun and fantastic only to come home a broken sick mess. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me to stop traveling. I am telling the universe to SHOVE IT. I will travel if I want too and if I keep getting sick when I come home at least I can catch up on my sleep.

This is the view of my nightstand; Nyquil, cough drops and tons of Kleenex. Oh how exciting my life now is! Excuse me while I go drug myself some more.



paul peggy zeus said...

I know if you are taking drugs (Nyquil) you must be really really sick!!

Jennifer Arens said...

Even sick ,your pics are awesome :) That's quite a few books to read miss!

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