Monday, April 9, 2012

The Hotty Totty

The Hotty Totty is a drink made with tea sugar and liquor. It was once believed to help cure you from the cold or flu, of course that has since been proven to be false by the American Lung Association; HOWEVER when has little things like the facts ever stopped people from following long lived traditions. It just so happens that MY family loves the Hotty Totty when we are sick. Our version includes Earl Grey, honey and Grand Marnier. So it comes as no surprise that this week since I the sickest I think I ever have been my mother reminded me to make sure to have a Hotty Totty. OH YES I think I will.


It was exactly what I needed. Like a warm hug that drink made me feel soothed. Soothed by the tea. Soothed by the honey. Soothed by the Grand Marnier. And soothed by all the wonderful memories of drinking this Hotty Totty a hundred times before.


“All the rich requisites are brought from far: the table from Japan, the tea from China, the sugar from the West Indies, and the whiskey from Ireland.” – Writer unknown


paul peggy zeus said...

It's not that this drink will heal you, it's more of a soother, a way to feel comforted. The honey will help break up mucus, the liquor will help relax you so you can sleep and the hot tea is just satisfying to put your face in and take a whiff. :) LOVE you, Get better soon.

Jennifer Arens said...

I can't remember the last time I was sick but when I do, I shall follow Dr RW recipe!

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