Thursday, April 19, 2012

Good Body, Good Soul, Good Day

I woke up this morning and worked out for an hour on the elliptical. When I was just about finished I texted Mrs. Dancer to see if we could meet up. She was watching a movie with her sister so I just invited myself over. After I had my healthy breakfast, got a shower, changed and then made my way over to Mrs. Dancers they had just finished with their movie.


We sat around and chit chatted for a while until finally the sunshine pulled us outside. It was a glorious day and since we are all trying to be healthier we went for a long walk. Hurrah for US!


And of course my little four legged man Rogue came with us in all his happy dog, tongue lolling splendor. We meandered through my new neighborhood, taking streets I have never been on before we waved at the neighbors, we looked at all the houses and we gossiped. In the end we walked about 3.2 miles; on top of the 2.69 miles I did on the elliptical this morning I was super happy!


And even though I exercised twice already today was the day I decided I was going to start P90X a terrible full body workout dvd set that kicks my butt. Today was shoulders and back, what I like to call upper body killer. Mostly it was a series of push-ups and pull-ups designed to make you hate the dvd, hate your shoulders and hate your back. I was proud that I finished it.


I ended the day with a healthy dinner and a happy, if a little in pain, body. Now if only every day could be like today.

P.S. I was too lazy to take out the nice camera, or even my little handheld camera today, so instead we get pooey cell phone photos today... sorry.


paul peggy zeus said...

You have been so dedicated, i know the results will be astounding.

Jennifer Arens said...

I just got P90X too! What do you think of it? I'm sure I'll read in the following posts.....

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