Tuesday, April 17, 2012

El Preggo

A few days ago Mr. Rogue was home from work unexpectedly. Since I didn’t have a meal planned, he was supposed to be working after all, we decided to go and visit a new Mexican restaurant in the area. Don Antonio’s is a small quaint cute little place that has gotten some good reviews and Mr. Rogue and I love good food.


We walked into a chaotic jumbled mess. The hallway that was working double as a lobby had a small little counter, since that was what the people all standing were surrounding I walked up. A waiter dashed up to the counter and asked me to write my own name down on the wait list. We waited while trying to keep out of the way of the waiters running by. The only reason we stayed is because that food looked super yummy and I was starving.

There are multiple small rooms in this restaurant which I adore, it gives a nice little cosy feel. And I don’t feel so crowded in by other people. When we finally got sat our waiter lead us into a far back room I hadn’t seen yet. I am going to call it ‘The Cave’. Someone decided to take this room and plaster the heck out of it from the floor and all over the ceiling. They then sculpted the plaster to look like stone and stalagmites and then they painted the whole thing a very dark grey. Old school lanterns adorned much of the ceiling, oh how I love LA, little magic wonders area always just right around the corner.


Shady seating and not so fantastic wait staff gets the restaurant a negative point. Awesome cave room gains the restaurant a positive point. But when push comes to shove the quality of food is really the ultimate draw to keep coming back. Let me tell you that Don Antonio’s had some of the best Mexican food I have ever had. The chips were amazing, the guacamole was amazing, the fajitas we both had were amazing and Mr. Rogue just adored the authentic margaritas.


Our favorite new Mexican place just around the corner is going to be one of our go to restaurants. I ate so much food I am SOOOOO FULL... food baby fo sho!


paul peggy zeus said...

Man, the title had me holding my breath!! El Prego??

Jennifer Arens said...

Why Mexican't when you can Mexican ?! I loooove mexican soooooo much. And margarita's only taste good if someone else makes them! Cheaper too!

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