Sunday, April 1, 2012

Chicago: A Day of Family

This morning we all woke up on our own schedules. Brunch was a long four hour stop over to say goodbye to the wedding couple. Mr. Rogue and I squeaked in at the last minute right before they closed. Hello we are not stupid, we wanted to maximize our sleep as well as making sure to eat and say hi. After brunch we ran into the usual problem with out of towners all getting together for a wedding. We of course are all staying at the hotel but none of us booked anything larger than a single room. It is hard to get a large group together to hang out. We were in the lobby for a while and then we ended up congregating in one of the larger rooms. It was a tight fit but at least we could all visit without being interrupted. Babies were passed around, we all lounged on whatever surface we could fine, other family swung in to stop by and say hello or goodbye as people started heading their separate ways back to wherever home was.


Sadly I had to say goodbye to Mr. Rogue, he has a huge deadline at work again, surprise. Sigh. However I decided to stay an extra few days, take in the sights of Chicago. I had already bought the plane ticket out and I haven’t been to Chicago in ages. Plus I knew with all the wedding stuff going on and all the family in from out of town there would be very little time to ACTUALLY sightsee. So I decided to stay until Thursday. My sister in law Mrs. Painter decided to stay as well, she especially wanted to join me at the Art Institute of Chicago museum.

It was time to get together for dinner, no one was feeling very adventurous so we just decided to eat across the street. I don’t know WHAT I was thinking when I ordered. All I can surmise is that my head was larger than my stomach. I was hungry when I ordered. My salad came... yummm. And then I said yes to splitting Mac and cheese with my sister in law... super YUMMM. But then when my meal came, a Mediterranean humus appetizer I was full. I didn’t even take a bite I just boxed it up hoping I would eat in the next day or so.


After dinner Mrs. Painter moved to my room and then she decided to join me for my workout. She has been walking at home every night for an hour so I lent her some gym clothes and we ventured up to the gym. I was proud to say we did another whole HOUR. Two days into my vacation and two hours under my belt on the elliptical. I am so proud of myself, even more proud than I was completing my 30 day challenge. It isn’t easy finding time when on a trip that you can take care of yourself and although I wasn’t fooling myself that I would find time every day I was happy that I was squeezing in some time to exercise.


Tomorrow was going to be a full day of sightseeing, and an early morning so we said goodnight to the parents and aunts and uncles and went to bed.


Jennifer Arens said...

Good for you two!

paul peggy zeus said...

Way to have fun and get your exercise in too.

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