Thursday, April 12, 2012

Competing with the Master

Since the only time I am really happy when I am sick is when I am sleeping, Nyquil Cold and Flu becomes my best friend. I don’t take medicine often, I don’t even like the occasional Tylenol or Advil, however when my nose is all snotty and I am coughing super hard I take Nyquil gladly.

So since I am sleeping so much Seurat, my cat, and I are engaging in a little friendly competition. The goal is to find out who can sleep the longest. So far it is a pretty close race although I think I am winning. I am sure he would argue foul play, I am after all using a drug to enhance my sleeping performance. I however would like to point out that he is a Professional Napper where I am just take naps recreationally. So like in sports where they give the weaker opponent a handicap to even the odds I am arguing that Nyquil is my handicap.


Seriously this cat is LOVING life when I am sick. All we do is lay around in bed all day and sleep. He gets more pets and scratches than he ever does because I really am too weak and lazy to do anything else. He is a happy man and I just adore having my little buddy curled up next to me in unflagging support.

Yes I am struggling here to keep my commitment of blogging every single day when I have been deathly ill for two weeks.


paul peggy zeus said...

I'm sure you won that challenge HANDS DOWN. You should come back as a cat in your next life, you've had so much training!! lol.

Jennifer Arens said...

I've heard recently that cats sleep 16-18 hours a day! Seriously, how are my cats so small?!

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