Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chicago: The Wedding Extraveganza

Mr. Rogue and I got to sleep in which is nice, sleeping in for us on the East Coast simply means that we don’t have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn. Everyone decided to meet for brunch across the street at the Lux Bar at a nice reasonable time of 10:00 AM, yes and thank you very much!

Of course I would have liked to have gotten up before brunch to get my work out in for the day OUT of the way however too many martinis the previous night at the bar kept me hitting snooze on the alarm. So I slept in with Mr. Rogue and we managed to get to brunch relatively on time. Going out to eat for every meal is going to be tough, I want to make good choices at restaurants but there are so many BAD choices that look so wonderful. In the end I decided not to get what I wanted, cream cheese stuffed crepes and instead got what was healthier, an omelette with a side of fruit. Being good is hard to do.

After breakfast the people not in the wedding party opted to stroll down the street to do a bit of sightseeing. Oh how I wanted to go, instead I said goodbye to my man went back to my room, put on my gym clothes and went to the gym. Not as much fun but if I had gotten up earlier like I had originally planned then I would have been able to go. I reasoned that I was staying after in Chicago for a few days and I would be able to sightsee then. I got to the gym, which was just a regular sized room they converted to a gym and was happy to see not only a few treadmills but also the same brand of elliptical that I have at home. Hurrah no trying to figure out a new machine. Since I knew those martinis and pizza last night, plus all the yummy food tonight was going to add up and since I already was out of the sightseeing I decided to do a whole hour. GO ME!!!


After working out I went back to the room, grabbed a shower and then even had some time to take a nap. The time we were going to leave kept getting wrangled all around and in the end I was not happy, I ended up with a half hour LESS time to get ready and had to scramble. Mama does not like to be rushed. We made it to the lobby in time and got a cab to the church, I was super loving my navy blue and pink outfit... pretty!


We were the first ones at the church, sigh, but at least that gave us plenty of time to take photos. I got to sneak into the chapel early and then we posed for a few family portraits. With everyone all dressed up it’s the perfect time to get some nice shots of the fam.





The service was lovely, short and that bride I think was the HAPPIEST bride that I ever saw. She even teared up a bit during her vows, which reminded me of my wedding; I ended up crying so hard I could barely get through my vows. She made it through hers, got to the kiss and then the grin that took over her face as she walked down the aisle was PRICELESS; that was one happy beautiful bride.


While the bridal party went adventuring around Chicago for some photos we all made our way to the reception at a nearby restaurant. Everything was very classic, navy blue and white with candles all aglow. I really liked how they had the tables laid out.


This is the first wedding that I have been to in a while where I am not either the bride or standing up in the wedding and I was READY to have fun without any responsibilities. Of course I took a ton of photos in between sips of my red wine. Kids and babies playing on the dance floor, flower girls spinning their beautiful spinney dresses, it made me think of weddings when I was a kid. How much fun we had scurrying between the adults legs, being carried around the dance floor in the arms of our family, laughter bubbling in between notes from the dj.


We laughed and hung out with Mr. Rogues sister and cousins. All of us with glasses in our hands and smiles on our faces, all of us learning more about the rest, catching up on jobs and travels, babies and plans. Makes me wish for parties like this more often, makes me wish our family lived closer.


Appetizers were circulated before dinner and we were starving. Mushrooms at our table were all passed to me, I was the only one at the table who would eat them, and the bruschetta was SIMPLY divine! But finally dinner was served, speeches were read, glasses were raised in countless Champaign toasts and the groom gave a hilarious tribute to his blushing stalker bride. We all laughed and I will forever look at her and joking think stalker.


I keep saying it again and again that this bride seemed like the happiest bride I have ever seen. Her smile did not leave her face the entire night. They were so much in love. It is hard to find your soul mate out there. She had to wait a little longer for her prince charming to appear. But it is worth the wait to have a smile like that on your face forever. I am so happy for them both!


Much later in the night, the kids were all put to bed, the alcohol flowed a little more freely, the music got a little louder and we all danced. The dj played the best songs, after a while the girls all kicked off our shoes, the boys all loosened their ties. We danced and danced and danced, I must have burned a thousand more calories, and then we took a break for a drink only to get pulled on the dance floor again.



At the end of the night I managed to get the bride alone for a second. I just wanted one photo with her before the magic of the night all ended. One of the best weddings I have ever been too. Congrads on your special day!



Inzodda said...

Sounds like a beautiful day in this thing called life. :) You looked beautiful! I love all the pictures.

paul peggy zeus said...

Too bad you missed the site seeing with the family, but there's nothing like a great wedding! Love those smokin' eyes!

Jennifer Arens said...

Weddings are the best! Very beautiful bride!

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