Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chicago: It’s a Wrap! Take Two!!

Today was a day or repetition, revisiting places that were fantastic or reattempting places that had failed the first time.

To start our day off this morning we headed to ‘Orange without a Peel’ for breakfast. This is the same company that I went with my family a few days ago, it’s just a different location, and this time Ms. Pool Shark got to try out the amazingness. Neither of us were feeling remarkably perky this morning. We did after all stay up until 4:00 AM and the baby woke us up at 8:00 AM. Four hours does not make a full night’s sleep in my book. I also reasoned that I have been going full throttle since Friday. I so obviously can’t go go go like I used to.

I was hoping that breakfast would help me wake up. I didn’t want to order the same thing I had last time, and my mother-in-law had ordered Green Eggs and Ham and said it was delicious. Since I have never tried it I thought Green Eggs and Ham... why not. DUDE it was delicious, all green pesto sauce infused eggs with large chunks of ham and topped with a bit of mozzarella. SCORE!


After breakfast we headed to the Sky Deck on the top of the tallest building in Chicago, the Willis Tower... again. Since last night was such an extreme debacle.


We arrived at about 11, it wasn’t smart since everyone else decided that they would arrive about the same time, we were told it would take about three hours to get to the top. The lines were crazy long. But Ms. Pool Shark, she is brilliant, there was a fast pass entrance and I jumped on my smart phone and was able to snag two passes so we could SKIP all the lines and just go straight up. Oh yeah VIP all the way, and it was only $5 dollars extra.


Being an artist, a trained graphic artist, I cannot help but critique art as I see it. On the elevator up to the top of the Sky Deck there was a screen above the doors. The screen flashed other famous buildings around the world and their heights once the elevator hit that height. It was super cool visual to go with the feeling of us getting higher and higher.


I am was actually a little happy that we came back and did the Sky Deck today. We had already been to the second tallest building for dinner and had seen the city skyline at dusk and night, it was nice to be up that high and see the city during the day. And the views... they were INCREDIBLE!




Of course Ms. Pool Shark and I were taking a ton of photos, photos of the skyline, photos of each other, photos of the baby and self portraits. We have perfected the art of the self portrait, I think I could do it in my sleep. Whenever I go out with my camera equipment I inevitably get the common questions. Questions on how they should set the settings on their camera. Questions about how I can take a self portrait. Questions about what equipment I am carrying. And then because I am carrying a nice camera I feel that I get asked to take OTHER peoples photos more often. I don’t mind, I do after all like the attention, and well carrying a nice camera... it gets you noticed.


Although the whole floor had gigantic windows on all sides, the main attraction of the building was the Sky Deck, a small five foot glass box sticking out over the city that you could stand in. It was a little freaky, standing on glass, looking straight down 102 stories.


After we finished with the Sky Deck we had about an hour to kill before I had to grab a taxi for the airport. Since today was a day of seconds we decided to try the Navy Pier again. Maybe during the day we would have more luck.


Everything looked totally different in the light of day. There were more people out and some of the shops were open, but I wouldn’t go as far to say that it was bustling. Of course it was freezing cold with the whipping wind. We walked for a while on principle but I was glad I didn’t have much time. We raced back to the warmth of the car. It was sadly time for me to go home.


Bye, Bye Chicago! Bye, Bye Ms. & Baby Pool Shark. Bye Bye all the fun times and the fun memories. I’m going to miss you.


paul peggy zeus said...

A perfect ending to a really wonderful vacation. You and Ms Pool Shark are so photogenic.

Jennifer Arens said...

lilman likes green things, maybe I shall try this breakfast concoction! I tried it before and looked far less elegant :( Everything is more beautiful during the day and you definitely captured the magnificence of the Windy City! Ms Pool Shark seriously has the worlds most perfect skin its annoying lol :)

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