Friday, March 30, 2012

Chicago: Here We Come

Of course it started off with a VERY early morning, last minute items thrown into bags. And then the second before we race out the door I have to weigh my bag one more time. 48.9 pounds on the dot... just to be sure it is under the 50 pound weight limit. We got to LAX with a good hour and a half to spare before our flight. There is nothing worse in my opinion than being rushed, maybe even having to run to the flight... so not cool. Eating right on this trip I knew was going to be hard, I didn’t want to blow all the hard work that I have been doing over the past month. I packed some trail mix and a banana for the actual flight but when Mr. Rogue stopped at Berger King for a yummy croissant sandwich and hash browns I almost caved. I was proud of myself, I walked away and instead ordered an oatmeal. I managed to get to Chicago eating well.


So we flew, on our way to a new adventure. It’s my favorite part of a trip, all the possibilities are out there, and I am on the edge of something new, high above the world, my face pressed against the glass, my man’s hand curled into mine. I LOVE TO FLY!!!


We arrived without issue in Chicago, found our bags, grabbed a cab and headed to our hotel. We adored The Sutton Place Hotel. It was located in the heart of the Gold Coast where a ton of fun restaurants, boutique shops and galleries were. It was totally my kind of place. The hotel was modern, elegant yet unpretentious... a perfect urban getaway. After we checked in we headed to the lobby where Mr. Rogue’s extended family was already congregating.


Hugs, meet and greets and exclamations of happiness at finally being all together were exchanged and then we headed around the corner for the rehearsal dinner. Out of town family were invited to Lou Malnati’s one of Chicago’s famous deep dish pizzeria’s. Of course pizza is never on anyone’s diet list, and it for sure isn’t on mine, however Chicago is KNOWN for its amazing deep dish pizza and I couldn’t help but have part of a slice... Mr. Rogue finished the rest. Thank goodness they also had the best all you can eat salad and veggie platter. I nibbled at my small part of pizza and instead filled up on the veggies. YUMMMMMMM!


In the middle of dinner I grabbed my camera and walked around the four large tables snapping shots of the happy couple (lower right), cousins, aunts and uncles and friends. Mr. Rogue’s cousin was the bride and she met her husband to be at Starbucks; in fact two Starbucks in the same day. She is a teacher and she often grades her papers while sipping her favorite coffee. She had seen him and even pointed him out to a friend, but before she could go over and say hi he left. All day she thought about him and bemoaned the fact that she didn’t say hi and then later, at a different Starbucks they saw each other again. Not one to give up on a second chance she waved, he came over and well it was smooth sailing from then on. What a beautiful couple.

P.S. Did I mention that pizza was INCREDIBLE!!!


I had a great time re-meeting much of Mr. Rogue’s family that I had only seen one time before at our wedding years ago. With all of us scattered across the United States weddings it seems will be where we can catch up on all that has happened. And sometimes look I can remember to give my camera to someone else so I get in the pictures sometimes!


After dinner, and after we closed down the restaurant the kids, hahahaha yes we are still called kids, headed over to the Whiskey Bar and Grill. We all weren’t ready to go to bed yet, the night was young, it was after all only 9pm our time. Mrs. Painter and I spent time catching up; she was sans husband and sans kids. What happens in Chicago... stays in Chicago. Oh what happy memories!


The bar was cool, we miraculously managed after repositioning a few couples, to wrangle seats for our party of 15 and then proceeded to order quite a few martinis and margaritas. The bride didn’t stay long preferring to have just one drink before smartly taking herself to bed. We don’t want bags under the bride’s eyes. I got hooked on the oh so delicious chocolate martinis. When they are done right they are incredible. YUMMMM.


However my favorite part of the day was the fact that Mr. Rogue was with me all day long. He has been so busy with work lately that I haven’t seen much of him. A whole three days with my best friend at my side was simply perfect. LOVE this man to pieces! Yeah Chicago trip!



paul peggy zeus said...

Hurray for trips, family and fun times.

Jennifer Arens said...

Sounds like a great kickoff to a fab week!

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