Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Catching Up is Hard to Do

First off I am SO SORRY that I am this far behind. I do really try to keep up on the blog daily but several things derailed me this month. Of course it is inevitable that I get behind when I go on vacation. My recent trip to Chicago is proof of that. It always takes me longer to blog about trips because there are usually a ton of photos and a ton of things to talk about all the words jumbling around to compete to get down on paper. Usually as soon as I get home I don’t make any plans for a few days preferring to sit at home, edit my photos and write everything while it is still fresh in my mind. HOWEVER this trip I came home sick and well being sick threw off my whole catching up on the trip blogging. I could barely sit up let alone attempt to be creative and write.

I have been writing and keeping drafts of the things I want to write about and sometimes I feel like I will never catch back up... only I know I will... I just hope that I catch up before I leave to go out of town again.

So today I at least downloaded my photos of the Chicago trip off of my camera cards. It took all day but I did it. And that was enough work for today. Task accomplished... I have been up for three hours it’s time for bed again.

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Jennifer Arens said...

Oh, you're sick!!!!! Feel better!

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