Monday, April 16, 2012

Baby Brain: Ovulation Sticks

Mr. Rogue and I are still trying to get pregnant again. The past three months I have been resorting to using ovulation strips to track my most fertile days even though my OBGYN does not believe in using them, she thinks that it causes women more stress. But in my opinion it is more STRESSFUL for me to be not pregnant than for me to use the strips.

The first month I screwed up the timing and missed my ovulation. Last month didn’t work... I do however have HIGH hopes that I will be pregnant soon.


As a plan B I am going to start interviewing High Risk OBGYN Fertility Specialists. I am just DONE. I want to be pregnant. I want a baby. Although I have tried to be patient and follow both of my doctor’s orders it is time to call in the big guns.

P.S. Several women have emailed me encouragement and advice, I SUPER appreciate all your support. Thank you!


paul peggy zeus said...

Any help you can get at this point, is well worth it!! I keep praying for you, baby girl!!

Jennifer Arens said...

I look forward to meeting your babies one day :)

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