Saturday, March 10, 2012

Which Scream do you Run too First

Today is Mrs. Fruits birthday and to celebrate I offered to watch the kids so they could go out. You should have seen the smile that spread across her face when I offered. Best gift I could have given the new mommy.


They left for their night out and I got to spend plenty of time with my niece and my nephew; such delicious adorableness, so much fun and adventure. The first few hours were awesome and good lordy how this little boy has grown in the past two weeks.


The baby was easy; diaper change, feed, burp, cuddle, sleep and repeat. In between the babies naps I spent plenty of time playing with Ms. Bambi. Ipad games and then when that got old I gave her some arts and crafts.


In the middle of arts and crafts the baby cried. I fed and changed him in the other room smiling into his sweet little face, his eyes tracking my every movement. I got up a few times to check on Ms. Fruit and she was doing so well. See this whole kid thing isn’t so hard I thought to myself.


But when I got back to the arts and crafts table I saw what Ms. Bambi had done, a glue goo pile and two ruined markers. Since the mess was made I just let her roll with it, after I put up her long hair. Bath time was going to be soon anyways.


I thought I was doing pretty well until it was time for Ms. Bambi to go to sleep. She needed a bath, so I could scrub off the gooey mess of the glue. But then the challenge happened. The baby started crying in the next room, I didn’t want to leave Ms. Bambi alone, so I ran grabbed the baby and brought him back to the bathroom. Now I have a crying baby in my arms and a toddler that needs to be washed. It was interesting to say the least.

After bath time it was pajamas and book reading. I was feeding the baby and Ms. Bambi wanted me to read her book. Since she knows it by heart I asked her to start reading without me. So cute. But then it got even cuter when she insisted that she read to her little baby brother.



With the baby down to sleep we spent some time reading her Dr. Seuss books. I love this little girl so much! We read three and then added one more because I am the Aunt and I get to spoil her.



After Ms. Bambi was sleeping it was just me and Baby Fruit, a sleepy little guy that refused to go to sleep even though I knew he was tired.

When the Fruits walked in the door all smiles after their movie and dinner I was tired. Only five hours but these kids needed constant attention. And it felt so right.



Sonja said...

You're such a wonderful auntie! :)

And ZOMG WHAT A CUTE BABY. Holy cow is he cute!

lilmansworld said...

What a great aunt/sitter you are! That's impressive that lil miss knows the book by heart! z baby has gotten bigger too! hot mama :)

paul peggy zeus said...

The answer is simple - all of them. You are such a giving, loving sister in law. (Or sista as they say on the islands).

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