Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Trading Strengths to Fill Weaknesses

Sorry I know I have been talking about what I am eating and how I have been working out but that is what is on my mind right now, and well what is on my mind ends up all over these pages. I apologize, so here we go again.

Today I had lunch with a friend I don’t see very often. I met her three years ago at S Factor but we rarely see each other outside of class. She is busy, I am busy and really I don’t know why we don’t connect as often. It just happens that she is one of those friends I see when I work out or at parties. However that all changed last week when she reached out and asked me to lunch. It was a wonderful change of pace for us. And three hours later when she went home I reflected on how much fun we had.

Ms. Yoga is one of those tall Amazon blond goddesses that California seems to give birth too. All six foot two of her is tall and gorgeous. She is a yoga instructor, really into fitness; she does acupuncture and lives a completely clean food lifestyle. We had a ton to catch up about, so much has been going on with both of us in our lives, and then I picked her brain about nutrition and fitness.

Near the end of our meal we came to a really great trade. I am going to do a photo shoot of her and she is going to help me with a few things to reach my goal of having a healthier lifestyle. We made plans next week for another lunch and we are even talking about taking an exercise class together afterwards.

Having lunch and rediscovering a friend. Trading strengths to fill others weaknesses. Accepting help into my life when I need the encouragement most. Yes I will!


lilmansworld said...

Doing anything with friends is always the answer to a better lifestyle!

paul peggy zeus said...

Way to go with Ms. Yoga!!

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