Friday, March 16, 2012

Things That Have Been Swirling

- I am reorganizing the things in my kitchen again for the kabillionth time, desperately hoping that this time I have fixed the last little things that were annoying. Work flow is very important to Mr. Rogue and I when we are cooking. We are super picky and very fung shui.

- I have been stalking antique stores, the internet, furniture stores and galleries trying to find pieces and artwork that I adore to fill in the blank spaces still taking up too much room at casa Rogue. Things are going slowly but they are going.

- Exercising, exercising and more exercising. Thank goodness for ‘Sex and the City’, it is helping me stay with this challenge. So far I am on season two and I find myself staying on the elliptical longer because I want to get to the end of the episode. The rule is if my butt isn’t on that elliptical I am not allowed to watch another episode.

- It’s raining here today and I adore the pitter patter on the roof. It makes me think of my childhood wrapped up in the security of home.

- Mr. Rogue is working long hours again so I find myself doing all those things I cannot quite do when he is home. I am walking around with my face mask on, deep conditioning my hair, lotioning and re-lotioning my feet. Although I miss him the self pampering has been exquisite.

- Rogue (my dog) is feeling his age. He is going up the stairs slower; his walks have turned into slow strolls with him pulling me back to the house after only a block or two… it is his sign that he is done. A few friends have lost their pets to old age recently and it leaves me reflecting about my little old man. I am going to be devastated when it’s his time and it makes me treasure these moments so much more.

- I didn’t bother to get out my Valentines decorations, St. Patrick’s day came and went and those decorations stayed in boxes as well. Hares hoping that I get my butt hopping for the Easter holiday. Hardy har har har!


lilmansworld said...

That's a great idea to not watch another episode before you work out!

paul peggy zeus said...

Poor Rogue. I love that old man.

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