Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Taste Buds: Greek Salty Heaven


Anyone who knows me KNOWS that I am obsessed with salt. Salt, chocolate – chocolate, salt; both are things I just adore. On my kick to make healthier meals I combined some ingredients to make a greek style mash up that is OH SO SALTY. Not from salt that I add, but simply from the type of ingredients I added to the dish. This came out surprisingly rich. The cheese in it gives it that kick and also because I have been trying to eat cleaner my taste buds are already changing. Under 500 calories I could eat this every day, in fact I am sure I will eat this for at least four days straight. I am a creature of habit. Hope you enjoy this recipe.


Cook 2 cups of rice

1 Can black beans drained and rinsed
8 green scallions
12 marinated artichoke quarters
1 cup roasted red pepper
32 pitted kalamenta olives
2 – 8oz chicken breasts – broiled in the oven
4 oz of feta cheese

1. Cut up all the veggies.
2. Mix the rice, veggies and cut up chicken in a bowl.
3. Add crumbled cheese and enjoy.

Makes 4 servings


lilmansworld said...

Sounds really good, minus the olives!

paul peggy zeus said...

Very healthy too!

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