Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Skinny: The Most Important Meal of the Day

Well technically according to the scale this morning I am the same weight that I was last Sunday HOWEVER I did eat a terribly horrible meal of 3700 calories at Mastro’s and I was on track before that day to lose my two pounds this week. Therefore I am hoping that I can be back on track by next Sunday with a big weight loss. With that being said, as Mrs. Pool Shark and I keep saying to each other:

‘You do the crime, you do the time.’

In essence I ate a bunch of food that was AMAZING (the crime) but now I have to work out extra hard (the time). I worked out three hours today on the elliptical. I didn’t want to but Mrs. Pool Shark set a bar, and well I had to follow.

Lately I have been working on breakfast. I sometimes grab a small breakfast, I know small isn’t the best but usually I am not hungry yet and I always rationalize to myself that I should just save the calories for later in the day when I am really CRAVING something. So I generally grab a small bowl of oatmeal, or two slices of toast, or a bagel and cream cheese, or even a bowl of cereal sans milk (yeah I know it’s weird but I am quazi lactose intolerant and not a huge fan of milk anyways). On the weekends as a treat I might make pancakes or some French toast smothered in syrup. And then occasionally, if I am feeling particularly adventurous, I will add some fruit in there. What I find is that sometimes when I eat breakfast I find myself hungry an hour or two later, it seems hardly worth it to eat breakfast at all. Oftentimes I wake up and start my day, too busy to slow down and eat anything, inevitably a few hours later I am starving and eat a gigantic (bad for me) lunch.

I have been trying to figure out my patterns around eating and trying to work in healthier habits. Although I have charted in the past what I have been eating so I can count my calories eaten for the day my therapist suggested something new. Over the past two weeks I have been charting what I have been eating AND what I have been feeling as I eat.

What I have found is that certain things give me a sugar rush in the morning and then I am on this crazy craving roller coaster all day long of blood sugar highs and lows. Bottom line is that I have found that my breakfast choices of the past are too full of empty calories that don’t keep me full. So I have been working (with the help of Ms. Yoga) on what breakfasts give me a little food and that keep me satiated longer.


I found my perfect breakfast; two hard boiled eggs mixed with a half a tablespoon of mayonnaise, a serving of fruit and an ounce of nuts. It’s about the same calories as my past traditional choices for breakfast however the combination of fats, protein, minerals and vitamins keeps me full for a good four hours, much better than the one – two hour I would get with my empty carbs.

Oh and Ms. Pool Shark and I are still going strong on our thirty day elliptical challenge. Only four more days to go – WHOOO HOOOO!



paul peggy zeus said...

You two are going to kill one another with kindness! I love that you've taken this challenge to heart! Eating well & exercise - a killer combination for weight control.

Jennifer Arens said...

Pretty impressive elliptical! I too don't like breakfast that much. I honestly will eat a sandwich when I'm finally hungry. I don't like eggs all that much and I don't want sweet stuff either.

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