Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Skinny: A 30 day Challenge

Mrs. Pool Shark were talking on the phone, as we often do. We were bemoaning the fact that we both want to lose weight, eat better... blah, blah, blah... things we have said 100 times before. Then the challenge was born. A thirty day, thirty minutes a day, elliptical challenge. We both have an elliptical machine in our house, we both are at the same level of exercising (none check) and we both needed a little kick in our pants to DO SOMETHING about what we keep whining about. Because whining is what it is when you talk about something over and over but do nothing about it.

I have tried the work out with a friend before and it never works. Things get in the way of success, one or the other gets frustrated or I try to work out with someone at a completely different fitness level than I do. That or it is all about the bullying and I don’t respond very well to bullying. I am more a gently lead the horse to water kind of girl. The reason I am hopeful that this will work THIS time is because Mrs. Pool Shark and I are super duper competitive. I told Mrs. Dancer, who knows both Mrs. Pool Shark and I really well, about the challenge. She put it perfectly when she said:

“This will either go really well or this will be a complete nightmare!”

So here I am announcing our challenge. We each elliptical for thirty minutes and then we take a photo of the screen to send to the other as ‘proof’ we completed our workout. So far neither of us have missed a day and the competition is on.


I work out in the morning doing my thirty minutes, she gets on in the evening and does an hour, I feel like I have no choice but to get on again and do another thirty one minutes just to catch up. Of course sometimes we both just do the bare minimum but I am happy to say that often we are doing over what is required.

Thirty minutes may not sound like a ton of time, of course it would be better to do more, however starting out with just getting to work out every single day is already teaching us. It shows that carving out thirty minutes isn’t THAT hard to do. That exercising is making us happier about doing something toward our goal. Everyone needs to start with something and we are making our something start this challenge.

We may end up killing each other but so far this is the happiest I have been trying to set up a workout regime. Everything is better with a buddy.

Along with working out I am getting a mood booster. I have been so happy lately. You hear all the time that exercise will boost your mood and that it will make you feel better but I am always surprised when the happiness seeps into my life.

So here I am climbing my own personal Mount Everest determined to one day reach the top and make what I want to happen happen.

P.S. I am so going to win this challenge... game on!


paul peggy zeus said...

You go girl! Thank you Ms. Pool Shark for just the right motivator! You guys knock each other out of the ball park!

Inzodda said...

Hee hee, we are doing awesome! I am so proud of both of us. We are half way through the 30 days!! :)

lilmansworld said...

Excellent way to get it done!

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